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October in My Garden...


Its like having two completely different gardens, down in the bottom half its going to sleep for winter, no bright colours in the raised bed, shrubs losing the leaves early this year, I put that down to the heat and prolonged drought, only one solitary Japanese Anenome flowering
I lost all the Creeping Jenny so haven’t got walls of yellow flowers, quite dull to some I suppose but never for me as green is my favourite colour., I’ve planted lots of bulbs though so hopefully they will look lovely next springtime.

As you can see the apple tree is still green, not many apples left on it but despite the weather it was loaded and the apples were huge….

Hosta’s finished and some of the Ferns are beginning to turn brown, below is the long border, it was very colourful but now mainly green, I’m beginning to cut some plants down by half. but I’m really pleased with the fullness of the planting..

Acers thankfully recovered even if only just in time to start losing the leaves but its better than nothing..

Then we turn around to the top half and as you will see its full of colour, Dahlia’s, Cosmos, Rudbekia and many more..

Even the greenhouse is colourful….

That is what you call a Swan Song at its Best……

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Yes, but the swan dies after its sung and your plants will come back in glory again next year!

17 Oct, 2022


Stera that is true, some will be the same plants but they will be next years flowers, well hopefully, not these though, the ones that struggled to survive and produce the lovely flowers I'm looking out the window at....LOL.X

18 Oct, 2022


So lovely to see so many flowers still in your garden, Lincs! 👏 😀

I've started ringing the changes on the balcony & most of the summer planting has been removed from the railings & put in the mini-greenhouse or brought into the kitchen for the winter. There are still others that will be thrown away but I'm waiting to get some more Pansies this weekend. 😀 I did plant some Pansies in pots but there are not nearly enough - I still need at least another 40 or 50 yet!

18 Oct, 2022


Thankyou Balc... That sounds a lot of plants but remembering how colourful your balcony looks when in bloom I'm not surprised at you needing more, I love pansies and viola's, do you use the trailing pansies, I tried to get some, didn't have any around here so unless I buy online I'm out of luck...

18 Oct, 2022


I always like to look round your garden Sue!
I like green in the garden, but it's strange that your ferns are turning brown!
Our ferns didn't even die die last winter and stayed green which was unusual.
I love your pond and all the little animals around it!
My rudbeckias are still going strong but my antirhinums didn't do much at all, but I think I put them too far back in the border.
Never mind..a lesson learnt!

19 Oct, 2022


Gosh a garden of 2 halves indeed. Both look lovely though.

19 Oct, 2022


No, I've never grown trailing Pansies, Lincs! Like you I've never seen them for sale except on the internet! I'm always very wary about buying plants, especially bedding plants, online. I've bought seeds but never plants or bulbs.

19 Oct, 2022


Strange as this may seem, my tropicals are the last to succumb to the bite of frosty temperatures. My hibiscus is still blooming and my mandevilla vines are still in full bloom. Rudebaka, dahlias, etc. are still flowering. My only chores left are to blow off the leaves falling on my Zen Garden and to place the now adequately grown fish in my fish nursery into the fish pond. Lincs, does the upper part of your garden get the first exposure to the morning sun? Reason why I ask this is that everything in flower in my garden gets hit with the first rays of the sun thus limiting the time that they are exposed to damaging frost.

19 Oct, 2022


Seaburn thankyou, the pics were all taken within 10mins , I do have more light down the bottom since removing the willow and those old conifers, sadly that lost the protection for the acers though but it was needs must as they were becoming unstable...

19 Oct, 2022


I do buy online Balc but only from tried and tested suppliers, same ones I've used for years...

19 Oct, 2022


L'strife I'm lucky like that also, it bursts forth within an hour of sunrise....We hardly had any frost last year, then it was very late winter, nearly springtime, some flowers never stopped, I'm hoping the same happens again, the roses are all producing new buds, they think they've already had their sleep whilst not getting any rain, I know that might be too much to hope for though, lol....

19 Oct, 2022


Loved the wander around you garden so much to see colourful and peaceful 🙂

21 Oct, 2022

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