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Coping With The Heatwave.....


Its common sense isn’t it, work outside early mornings and go back out when the sun goes round… This week I’ve cleaned the pump and filter in the top pond and tackled the bottom pond, best time to do it is when its warm, who wants to do those jobs whilst freezing ones socks off, not me that’s for sure although sometimes you have to….

Couldn’t see any water as the plants had taken over, I had to ask my Juliet to pop round and help me drag them out of the pond, even then it was a struggle but we managed eventually..

Juliet wanted some of the Iris so I cut a piece off for her with my best and sharpest tool which is kept especially for that particular job, my trusty old bread knife, she then went home and I was left to cut the pieces I wanted to keep and put the rest in the bin, honestly it was like a comedy of errors and as you can imagine I was filthy by the time I finished….
All sorted, the pond cleaned out then refilled, plants back in situ, Iris, Marsh Marigold, Water lily and Oxygenator plants all thinned out, covered back over with the mesh, jobs a goodun !!!

All the time I was working one determined and very brave frog stayed right where he was…

I always leave a little bit of the water in the pond so he was okay although he did end up in my net a couple of times whist I was clearing the sludge from the bottom, I think he /she was also born under Taurus…

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Well done, Lincs! A horrible job out of the way before the heat goes! 👍

No doubt your pond will look a whole lot better for having been cleaned out & the plants will also flower/grow better now they have been thinned out & you have added clean water to it!

That frog must certainly be a stubborn character!

8 Sep, 2023


Definitely did it in the right time of day, Sue, and while it's not horribly cold and miserable weather. Mornings and evenings when the sun is not too hot, you probably enjoyed it! Of sorts, that is. The end result, most definitely! Looks really tidy and little Mr Frog is most likely happy too. It's amazing how quickly the pond plants can spread! We only have a lily in ours. Loving your collection, and the planting around the pond!
You deserved a well earned rest after all that!

9 Sep, 2023


Sue, I bet that was a mucky, smelly old job so well done for completing the task. It looks really smart now ... :o)

9 Sep, 2023


A job well done!

10 Sep, 2023


Thankyou all, its a job that I actually like doing, good feeling of satisfaction when I finish and can just sit and admire, its also my favourite part of my garden, so peaceful down there.....

10 Sep, 2023


It is a most satisfying job once completed. I remember struggling with overenthusiastic waterlilies when we had a small pond in an earlier home. The goldfish were not impressed with the clearance. Good job well done, Lincs.

12 Sep, 2023


Yes thats right and the good thing about that pond is I won't have to do it again next year Ange, its left alone for the wildlife.....

13 Sep, 2023


A good job done as you said Sue! It's a horrible job and the little pond I had done for Rick needs sorting out too, plus a vision pond which is just as bad now.
You put me to shame! I must get mine sorted!
The only thing is that in the two years since I did the pond, I haven't seen one frog!

14 Sep, 2023

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