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Preparing for Spring time


Sometimes its not easy working in the little bed at the back of the pond so a change was needed, we’ve had a lot of rain in the last week and the ground is now moist and easier to work, so I was able to move the shrub that gives me most hassle when I want to work on there…….

Its the yellow one, I didn’t want to lose it so moved it nearer to the back, come next springtime I’ll be able to see my flowers better from the warmth of my armchair, I ‘ve added more bulbs, moved some polyanthus and added a few more alpine plants to fill in the gap …I’ve also planted out my Sweetwilliams after first removing loads of selfseeded African Marigolds , like the splash of colour but they get everywhere, I know they will be back next year…

Every morning the crazy paving to the side of the stumpery is covered in earth, not sure whether its the hedgehog or the birds causing it to happen when grubbing for food, would never want to stop the little creatures visiting, in fact I encourage them, anyway I thought I’d solved that problem by dragging a couple of edging from the back and placing them along the side…

It was hard moving them into place but I managed and it looks so much better now….

One of these days I might even get around to painting that shed, don’t hold your breath on that one though….

As you can see my Jasminoides is very slow growing , it supposed to be disguising the post but not yet doing a very good job for me..The ferns are doing very well now after a slow start, couldn’t expect anything different as they went in last year and struggled because of the drought so all is well here..

Below is my Hydranga bought to replace one that I lost, its suddenly had a growth spurt and as you can see has produced its first flowers


I eventually got around to pruning the juniper, it was growing right over the bottom lawn and causing the grass to die…
The garden still has plenty of colour for me to admire despite showing me that its autumn…..

I’ve also sorted out the g’house, stripped and removed the tomato plants and I’m gradually putting my succulents away for the winter, some of them needed repotting, doing that gives me the opportunity to strip away the lower leaves and separate the babies, its a time consuming job, Derek used to call it faffing around, he was a cheeky beggar at times..

Below is Dereks football, as you can see its filling in and I’m pleased with it, fingers xx I can get it through the winter…

How about that, I even managed to manouevre my planting table through the door, you cannot tell in the pic but there is plenty of room for me to sit at the workbench and do my sowing and potting on when its too cold or wet outside…..

Jobs a goodun !!!! Enjoy your gardening folks…..x

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Great blog Lincs! It’s at this time of year that I let go of the garden “steering wheel” and let it take its own direction until the frost burns out the garden. This way I take a little rest until clean up and rake up time comes. After that I go into winter hibernation but like you, I am thinking about what I want to do in the spring. The shed wood looks a bit old and painting it would not give a good result and take away its rustic look which I find pleasing.

28 Sep, 2023


Thanks L'strife, hardly any leaves turning yet so it will be a while before I have the raking up to do, thinking back to last year I was doing that job the week before xmas.. I'm pleased you said that about my shed, I'm not a fan of painting and in all honesty I prefer the rustic look myself...

28 Sep, 2023


Hello Julia, weather permitting I spend as much time outside as I can, the house has a lonely feel to it at times and is too quiet, I'm on my own until 6pm at the earliest so can take my time..
That plant is Nicotiana alata, (Sensation Mix) its very pretty, I haven't had those colours before, the leaves are enormous and its grown very tall...

28 Sep, 2023


Lovely blog & garden, it looks very nice & full. I like your greenhouse & the way the football is shaping up. Nice to have somewhere to spend time faffing around with plants!

28 Sep, 2023


what a smashing and enlightening blog Sue. So much colour still on show but autumn is definitely here.

I plan to tidy the green house soon but the tomatoes are still doing well. I'm in danger or turning red/orange with all the tomato soup being consumed.

I started tidying plants that are in the trays [my sale plants], weeding and checking for vine weevil. I know some will definitely be affected but that is half the fun.

the garden is so therapeutic isn't it?

28 Sep, 2023


Lots of hard work going on here and looking well as a result. It seems to be the time of year that stirs us into action with clearing and cleaning!

29 Sep, 2023


I do love your blogs Sue and it sounds like you are coping a bit better now!
What would we do without our gardens!
You have so much going on in your garden and love looking at it.
Your pond looks great and is more open now you have moved the shrub, but you must have loads of patience to keep your grass edges so neat and tidy around your slabs!
I am having trouble with my chrome book at the moment and won't put the photos through from my camera, but is going in on Monday to hopefully be sorted again.
I love what you have done with Derek's football and soon will be covered with your plants.
A lovely memory you have created.
We just keep going one day at a time, don't we, with our friends on here and our garden, plus family of course, it will in time get better. xx

29 Sep, 2023


You have done very well, Lincs! Your garden is a real credit to you. 👏

About your shed, you could use wood stain which would persevere, more or less, your shed's colour & give it protection from the rain as well & thus conserving it for a few more years!

29 Sep, 2023


Thanks F'few, the garden gets more of my attention now, I honestly don't know what I'd do without my greenhouse, it stops me going stircrazy during the winter months, even when there is nothing that needs doing I just go down and move things around... I've started to add more houseplants as well, my daughter hasn't noticed yet.....

30 Sep, 2023


A lovely blog,and photo's of your amazing garden,Sue,and I love the way Derek's football is shaping up.Yes, it is a lot of hard work for you,but when it's your favourite place to be, it's also solace,and pleasure to be out there..
Great you have your Greenhouse to potter in,over the winter too. Take care,xx

1 Oct, 2023


Football looking great, hopefully develops as you would like, your greenhouse is a lovely little space to potter around, sunny winter days should be nice and toastie inside, nice colour on your hibiscus flowers, don't know if you found it this year but my hibiscus went mad with flowers, best it has ever been, having a good rethink on my garden for next year, all the tall dahlia's are going to go, as it was too much of a battle this year with them, wind and rain would make them fall over, snap all the flower stems then the little devil slugs and snails would have their munch, few hydrangea shrubs going in there now and plants the little horrors detest,
Really nice blog

1 Oct, 2023


Your garden is still looking good Sue, Nice to have colourful plants late in the season.
You've been doing a lot of work and it's very theraputic to spend time outside.

3 Oct, 2023


Lots of lovely things to admire there Lincs! All your hard work is definitely paying off. Did you lose your little dog? I was looking out for her, but no sign.

3 Oct, 2023


Another fab blog, Sue! Amazing pond pic, number 3!! Great aspect here, well photographed. Loving your stumpery too! Something I’d like to add..if I had any room in the back garden!!! I think kudos to you, there’s a lot out there to keep you busy! However, you’ve done and are doing a great job - look at the outcome! Gardening is definitely a wonderful therapeutic thing in our lives, I hope it’s giving you some peace at the moment.

4 Oct, 2023


Sue, I have so enjoyed looking at your garden, so much colour and areas of interest to admire. Well done you for keeping on top of it all, here's hoping for plenty more decent days to 'faff around'!!

5 Oct, 2023

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