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It is Wisteria time once more when there is an eruption of pink outside my back door. Bliss!
On the same wall are my Clematis.

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They are all very lovely colours! It looks marvellous!

9 Jun, 2016


Wow. Wisteria looked glorious and so do others. It one of hubby's favourite plants. Our last house Wisteria stopped flowering for about 5 yrs. Got one here so am hoping it something to do with last house conditions not me ?

9 Jun, 2016


It looks fabulous Linda ,we have one similar growing over our front porch we have a table and chairs under it ,what with all the flowers starting to fall you are quite likely to get a mouth full of blooms in your cup of tea ,I swept a bucket full up yesterday and its the same today , the scent is gorgeous ...

9 Jun, 2016


Absolutely stunning pictures, love the Wisteria. :O)

9 Jun, 2016


what fantastic looking plants. I wish my wisteria would flower :o(

love the foliage of it though so there is that.
pink rose is pretty which one is it?
love the iris too

9 Jun, 2016


Love a well grown Wisteria.

9 Jun, 2016


Beautiful...the Wisteria and everything else!

9 Jun, 2016


Thanks Dan, Karen and Barbara....I just love it. They can decide not to flower and that is it Jen. My friend Barbara is still waiting after 15 years for a flower. It is a bush rose Seaburngirl but I don't know the name. I get lots of flowers throughout the summer. I know what you mean Amy......buckets of petals. I do try to keep the shape Siris. My friend Jinty has a blue and a pink Wisteria but she grows them flat to the wall.

9 Jun, 2016


It's beautiful ! :)

9 Jun, 2016


Bliss indeed!

9 Jun, 2016


Beautiful Wisteria! The rose is very pretty, too.

9 Jun, 2016


It all looks beautiful Linda and so healthy looking.

9 Jun, 2016


It's a fabulous Wisteria Linda.
Alas, I've just dug mine out. It gave up after being transferred from a pot to the garden last summer and it grew away really strongly so I was optimistic but, it false hope as it died over winter/early spring. I love the clear yellow of the Day Lily too.

10 Jun, 2016


It is very beautiful Linda.

11 Jun, 2016


beautiful plants i envy you

13 Jun, 2016


I`m so jealous Linda I have two and neither have flowers have only been waiting about 10 years, never mind I love the foliage and I have roses growing up the one in the front garden..

7 Jul, 2016


Thanks everyone.....I always say buy a Wisteria in May when it has a flower on it and it will continue to flower for you.

9 Jul, 2016


Here in Cuenca, Spain, there are wisteria, which usually flower in May, flowering at this moment in time! When we lived here, many years ago, I only remember them flowering once a year, though not having been here in May for the last 16 years, I don't know if they perhaps flower a second time some years.

14 Jul, 2016


They must prune them to encourage a second flowering. I prune mine in March and June but a second flowering in Scotland would be a miracle. :0). Have a lovely holiday.

14 Jul, 2016


You may well be right but as I'm not here when they finished flowering in May I don't know. Even when we used to live here I didn't go past this building, (an official building that many years ago must have been the residence of someone exceeding rich), it has huge gardens around it and some cast iron railings on which several Wisterias have been growing for so many years that the branches are as thick as your arms!

The year before our son got married he lived in a flat right opposite the railings they grow on. I saw them in flower from there.

As for "enjoying our holiday" we are here to look after my 91 year old mother-in-law. We spend practically the whole time at home with her as she can't look after herself. We only go out for an hour or two in the evening to do some shopping in the supermarket. My brother-in-law stays with her when we have to go out. Then he goes out and, as my sister-in-law is in Madrid packing her things to bring them here to Cuenca, we then have to stay with her till she goes to bed, after midnight most days and gone 2am on a Friday night as there is a programme on the TV she particularly likes. Today being Friday means we won't get to bed ourselves till nigh on 3am!

15 Jul, 2016


Oh! Balcony I am so sorry. I remember you told us about this before. I don't think I could stay awake until 2am or even midnight. She must doze in the chair during the day to stay awake at night. Does her late nights follow a late morning tho'?
I hope you get to sit outside in the sunshine now and again.
The garden with the Wisteria sounds lovely.......they can take over, especially the blue ones.
You will be glad to get home and sleep for a week.

16 Jul, 2016


Thank you, Linda, in the end she didn't stay up until the programme finished but even so it was after 1àm before we were able to get to bed!

She usually stays in bed till between 2 - 3pm. Most nights we start to get her ready for bed just after 11pm when she takes her pills with some milk. Then my wife changes her nappy while we wait for her son to come home, around midnight. She refuses to go to bed until her son puts the tube for oxygen in place and sticks it in place with sticking plaster.

When we manageto get her up she is drenched in sweat.

18 Jul, 2016


Oh! awful for you all, including your mother-in-law. Old age is a worry for us all. The thought we could all cause our loved ones such problems is frightening. X

18 Jul, 2016


You are quite right, Linda, old age with onset of dementia & illnesses can be very distressful & stressful to all the family. We only spent two weeks alone with her but my poor sister-in-law has spent the last 3 years looking after her practically all alone. She herself is in her mid sixties & has had problems with her lower back for some years, having to do her packing in order to leave her flat in Madrid & move back home, to Cuenca, has placed an even greater burden on it & she finds it exceedingly difficult to attend to her mother. Her brother, in his late 40s, still lives at home & my sister-in-law has now had to ask him to help her every day to get their mother out of bed & then to help put her to bed at night.

23 Jul, 2016


None of us would wish this on our loved ones. We all do this at the end of a parents life and it is a short time and at the end of the day you will feel glad you could help.

24 Jul, 2016


You are quite right, Linda. :-))

24 Jul, 2016

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