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Squirrel problems


After watching Monty Don plant Crocuses in the grass last autumn, I decided to follow suit. I planted ninety bulbs and sat back to watch a squirrel dig them up. He didn’t get them all so last week I planted little groups of crocuses from B&Q. The next day I got up and everyone had been dug up and the bulb eaten. *******
I have decided I have lost this battle and imagine the squirrel waiting for the other crocuses to show their heads so they can be eaten too.

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I have a problem with squirrels too.Fortunately they have not eaten my crocuses, but I know they do this. This pair are too busy eating all the food that my neighbour & I put out for the birds. They are a pest though as they keep
digging holes everywhere, & some bulbs get dug up. I have put netting down in some places until the bulbs are taller. I'm sorry you have to contend with them. Daffodils in the grass might be a better option. They don't like to eat these but will sometimes take a bite then throw it away.

6 Feb, 2021


yep eaten a lot of mine too , we also have a mouse or 2 that nibble

6 Feb, 2021


Linda, I have added new crocuses every year except the last, to this garden and most have disappeared. I can't make it out as I don't think we have squirrels. They just don't come back. Same with daffodils. I have decided to give up the unequal struggle (and the cost)!
Sorry about your frustration. It's an effort to plant so many - I know!

6 Feb, 2021


Sorry to hear your Crocuses are being eaten. Pleanty of the large yellow ones in my garden but no sign of my Tommies yet. Usually flower about 25 Feb. Quite a few Snowdrops lying on top of the ground. I think that's mice testing them for taste, then deciding they don't like them

6 Feb, 2021


I now realise the squirrels have also removed the Crocuses from the back garden that have been there for years.

6 Feb, 2021


Oh that is so disappointing. If it isn't squirrels eating the bulbs its birds scoffing the flowers. Sorry I clicked Like, I did it without thinking.We haven't seen any squirrels for a year or two here, can't think why as there are lots of trees around.

6 Feb, 2021


Likewise I have given up trying with crocus, and the miniature iris as well, even daffs suffer in the open ground but seem OK in pots near the house

I think some struggles are just not worth the time, cost & effort, instead I can [pre covid] go to somewhere like RHS Wisley where there are fields of them

7 Feb, 2021


We have a little problem but nothing on the grand scale of yours Linda , what a nuisance :o(

7 Feb, 2021


I suppose we're fortunate that having a balcony we don't get squirrels nor do we have problems with bulbs being dug up or flowers being destroyed. Though lots of sparrows visit the balcony they never damage anything.

We do have a problem with pigeons - not so much breaking anything as their droppings! They sit on the balcony railings of the flats above ours & their dropping foul our balcony as it juts out nearly 50cm from the ones above us.

10 Feb, 2021

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