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By lindak


Hi everyone, We’ve had an eventful few weeks. Firstly We were saddened to find one of our little hedgehogs dead in the garden. He didn’t look well a couple of days beforehand but a larger hedgehog came into the garden the night before and attacked him. Strange behaviour.
Secondly were having our roof stripped completely and new felt, wood struts and tiles put on, and the men are making a really good job of it too. They are working very hard. We are supplying cold drinks as it’s been quite hot in the daytime.
Thirdly I’ve recently had my knee operated on and have a new knee of metal now. I was very well cared for in the hospital and couldn’t have asked for better treatment.
I am doing exercises to get my muscles back in working order. I still have one leg to go yet, but by the end of the year I should be up and running again….well perhaps not running…walking will be fine. The crutches are helping at the moment.
I’m having the 31 staples taken out today, and the knee seems to be healing well. As far as gardening goes, it is being tickled over with the hoe by Gerry, who has been a tremendous support to me.
I hope you are all o.k. and enjoying the summer weather, perhaps with a glass of wine or cordial whilst sitting in your gardens.
Take care….Love from Linda.

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I'm pleased to hear abut your new knee Linda. I hope that after you get the other one done, that you'll be out of pain and able to walk better.
How sad about the hedgehog, and strange to hear of the attack. I wouldn't have thought hedgehogs did that ...

1 Jul, 2015 are busy Linda! I hope your new knee will be positively life-changing. Sorry to hear about the Hedgehog, thats sad. Perhaps it was very sick. Nature can be so cruel. Glad your gardener is a great help. It would be hard to focus on recuperating if the garden was going to ruin! Take care now! X Karen

1 Jul, 2015


Glad to read your knee operation has gone well. My father had both his done a couple of years ago and he's never looked back. I'm sure you're going to be back in that garden yourself in no time. What a shame about your little hedgehog, as for the other one attacking it, animals will often attack a weakened member of their group.

1 Jul, 2015


I wish you speedy recovery Linda.

1 Jul, 2015


Isn't it wonderful what can be done with surgery nowadays? Here's wishing you and your new knee many happy active years together!

1 Jul, 2015


Thankyou everyone for your kind thoughts. I am hoping that by the end of the year things will be a lot better.
Glad your father has had improvement with his walking by having his knees operated on Waddy.
We are so blessed by the progress and equipment that our hospitals have now and the skills of the surgeons. I know the NHS is overloaded but they do their very best for us.

2 Jul, 2015


Glad to hear you are recovering well after the knee op, Linda. I agree, so much progress has been made with various procedures over the last decade or two. Sorry to hear about the little hog, such a shame.

2 Jul, 2015


Thanks Gee. We still have a few hogs visiting at night. I had my 31 clips taken out yesterday and the knee feels a little easier today. I am beginning to feel more like my old self again. At least it's been a bit cooler. The skip got taken away this morning so we're back to normal again.

2 Jul, 2015


That's progress all round, Linda. Just don't start rushing around too soon :)

2 Jul, 2015


I still get suddenly tired and have to doze off. An after effect me thinks!

3 Jul, 2015


My word you have had a lot to contend with recently but very resilient and cheerful about it Lindak. The Specsavers Man called this afternoon and brought new specs after OH cataract op. Good old NHS!. He seems pleased with them. one more to go, but advised to wait a while.

3 Jul, 2015


Glad to hear your OH eye operation went well. They really can change peoples lives for the better by their wonderful skills and care that they give. I have one more knee to go but will get there. By golly we had a storm last night. The lightning was colourful and the thunder LOUD. The road looked like a river with all the rain that came from the sky.

4 Jul, 2015


Your garden watered very well Lindak. We had our storm on Friday last. Lots of sheet lightning and banging and bumping. Then an outage from 12 midnight to 12.45am. plus torrential rain. Wish you a good recovery from your operations too. They do some real wonders with surgery these days, I agree.

9 Jul, 2015


Thanks Dorjac for your kind thoughts. I will get there with the skill of the surgeons and wonderful care that our nurses give us, they work very hard.

11 Jul, 2015


Pleased to hear your knee operation went well Linda, we went out yesterday with my Sister in law who had hers done last year, she has made a first class recovery and is now waiting to have the other one, good luck to you and hope you are soon able to get around without the crutches! It was sad to hear about the little hedgehog ;0(

12 Sep, 2015


Thanks PP I've been put on the list now for the other one to be done.....

12 Sep, 2015

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