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Looks like we are in for a good spell of weather. Perhaps it will keep the flowers blooming for a bit longer. I’ve had to tidy up some of the shrubs a bit and done some dead heading. Gerry and I cleaned out the hedgehogs boxes and put in some fresh straw ready for any hogs that want to reside in them for the winter months. We’ve had a hog in one of the boxes all summer, but were careful when taking out the old straw just in case he or she was still in there. Tidied up the patio area and moved some of the pots. Seen a few butterflies today and about 50 crows flying over. We have a family of Sparrows living in the ivy next door and they keep watch to see when I put the food out. Also a group of about 40 Starlings come down and feed too. We have a resident Robin, but haven’t seen any Blackbirds or Thrushes for ages now.
The moon is supposed to be the closest to the Earth at the weekend and the next time it is like it, it will be in 30 years time so keep an eye for a really big and colourful spectacle. Cleaned out the greenhouse now as the tomatoes have finished but produced very well this year. Still have runner beans and courgettes to pick. Hope your gardens are doing well…..Linda.

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I don't seem to see any birds at the moment Linda...mind you, that's not a bad thing with grass seed down.
It's a bit depressing having to do the autumn clear up, isn't it but, at least we are to have some bright cheerful weather before winter (if the forecasters are right) Still quite a few Toms on the plants in my greenhouse and Cold Frame although most are nearly ripe now so I shall have to have a tidy next weekend! Busy being a Dinosaur Hunter this Sat and Sunday!!

25 Sep, 2015


The Tomatoes seem to have done well this year. We have just finished eating ours. Hope you don't get eaten this weekend by T. Rex or the smaller Raptors in a group. I still have plenty of tidying up to do yet.

25 Sep, 2015


Have you noticed how you keep thinking most of the tidying is done, and then finding another corner you'd missed...
Looking forward to a few dinosaur pics please Paul!

25 Sep, 2015


We still have quite a glut of Toms Linda.....Julie's going to make some pasta sauce to freeze or maybe soup.
Dinosaur pics if any customers or farm staff put any up, I will share them. If I don't get eaten!!!

25 Sep, 2015


I made some soup with our spare Tomatoes Paul. I bet Julie's Pasta Sauce is good.
Stera I am gradually sorting the flowerbeds out. The Hostas are dying back now and the temperature this morning was four degrees. Don't forget to look at the moon tomorrow night. The Earth's shadow will be upon it too. Saw quite a few Hedgehogs last night. They will soon be trying out the boxes for the Winter. When I see a hole appear at the front I know they have gone inside.

26 Sep, 2015


It's satisfying to know most things are now tidied up,but hopefully ,we can make some plants and flowers last for a while yet..My pots are still full,bar one..It had Oriental lilies in,but I dug them out,and moved them to a border this week..What a hard to get all the roots out,as they were pot bound,and almost as hard digging holes big enough to replant....Still applying Gel to my back ,and taking painkillers..why do we always go a step too far,and try doing it all at once? We haven't seen any Blackbirds for ages either,but our Resident Robin ,and most of the Tit family,are present..Jackdaws seem to have stopped coming,and we don't get Starling' s anymore..
I hope you get Hedgehogs in their nice clean boxes.:o)Thanks for telling us about the Moon,I shall look out for it this weekend...

26 Sep, 2015


We had 4 hedgehogs visiting last night.

26 Sep, 2015


How lovely. We don't get any, probably because of the badger(s).

26 Sep, 2015


I've also started the autumn tidy up Linda. I've given the greenhouse a good old scrub out with jyes fluid, gosh that stuff smells horrible and started to bring in the the tender potted plants from the garden, since they've tipped grass frosts the next few nights. Our resident Robin has certainly made himself heard recently and the starlings are back I've also noticed in the evenings, though not so early just yet. Sadly I don't have any hogs, I only wish I did. I've only seen Jeremy a couple of times this year, I'm not even sure he's still there. Still lots to do...

26 Sep, 2015


Hi Waddy we still have to clean the glass in the greenhouse and Gerry is going to jet spray the floor. Nice to give it a good clean. Jeyes fluid is a bit strong scented isn't it. It's lovely to hear the birds singing especially the Robin. If you have a big enough area for hogs perhaps one of the hedgehog societies will let you adopt one. Worth looking into.
Stera, the badgers do kill hedgehogs and we have put a barrier on our gate with a hole in the bottom to let the hogs through.
Last night the conservatory was lit up by the moon (sun's reflection really.) It looked lovely.

27 Sep, 2015


Linda, I didn't know you could adopt a hog.What are the requirements do you know? I'd love to have one, but not sure my little garden is big enough although we do 'back' onto three other gardens.

27 Sep, 2015


Just type in how to adopt a hedgehog and there are sites that may be able to advise you. Some societies have hogs who have a slight disablement and need a good home and someone to care for them.
Hogs need quite a few gardens to survive so perhaps the neighbours could be involved in a hedgehog highway with small holes in their fences to let a healthy hog roam free. Have a look at the web and let me know how you get on. Good luck.

27 Sep, 2015


Thanks Linda I'll let you know how I get on...but don't hold your breath, my neighbours are all elderly and rather hard to pin down.

28 Sep, 2015

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