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By lindak


I have made a video about Twinkle and the little mouse and put poetry to it as I write poems and short childrens stories. I tend to write more in the winter as I get bored not being able to garden so much. The other videos I did for the BBC about the four seasons in my garden. Thought you might want to have a look.
Best wishes from Lindak.

Twinkle and the mouse

Winter in my garden

Spring in my garden

Summer in my garden

Autumn in my garden

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Thats really good Linda, just had a quick look at youtube, and the video is done really well. Congrats!

17 Jan, 2008


And now I`ve just watched the others and I can`t wait for Spring and Summer, thanks for reminding me how lovely this time of year can be!!

17 Jan, 2008


Love your video about Twinkle and the mouse..its really good....ive never seen a cat drink out of a tap like that before....

17 Jan, 2008


Was able to watch (and listen) to 'Twinkle', but not the others - I obviously haven't got the right software. Shame, I was looking forward to more! What a beautiful cat, Linda.

17 Jan, 2008


Thanks for your advice, Linda - I've been able to watch all your videos now and I've enjoyed them! Shame Twinkle wsn't playing a starring role! lol

20 Jan, 2008


Love The Twinkle Mouse Video Lindak do u still see Him/Her ? :)

25 Mar, 2009


no Jacque as we've moved house.

25 Mar, 2009


:( do u miss the Little Mouse Lindak ? I would

25 Mar, 2009


I will miss all the little creatures that I knew Jacqu including the frogs toads hedgehogs and dragonflies.

25 Mar, 2009


Brilliant!! So Cute!

23 Oct, 2009


I shall certainly look at all of them as they sound so lovely.
Thankyou in advance!

12 Mar, 2013


I love it - what a nice voice you have too - I am adding a new Youtube account soon and will comment on them all and add them , brilliant job Linda

12 Mar, 2013


'Twinkle and the mouse' is delightful. I have just told my daughter-in-law about it so that she can show it to the twins - they will love it as they are so fond of all little animals.

12 Mar, 2013


Wow Linda, thats fabulous, bet you had fun with all that filming, I love the little mouse.

12 Mar, 2013


Glad you all enjoyed the videos. I suppose I ought to have another go at something else when I have finished editing the new booklet about Basil the rat. It's taken ages to complete.

19 Mar, 2013


Enjoyed twinkle's starring role Linda! Made me smile...clever you getting those shots of the Mouse :)

18 Mar, 2014


Thank you for your kind comments and I'm glad you enjoyed the video. That was where I used to live just down the road. I really loved that garden, with all it's wildlife. Twinkle was a very special rescue cat and highly intelligent. She was like a dog and loved to learn new tricks for a biscuit. We missed her so much when she died. Dusty is our cat now and so different. She was so scared she ran away from everything, including me. It was 3 months before she sat on my lap. She still runs and hides if anyone comes into the bungalow. She does go outside now but not for long.

19 Mar, 2014

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