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Bonsai trees.


By lindak


These are photos of our Bonsai trees. Some of them older than others. Hence the different pot sizes. Most of them grown from seed, but a couple of saplings were used as well. You start by using a very small pot so that it confines the roots. We prune them every year and every two years cut the roots back and repot them or if they will fit back into the pot reuse the same pot. We feed them in the summer and water every day or more than that if it is extremely warm so that they don’t dry out. In the winter months they are placed under the car port for a bit of protection from the weather.

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You must have a lot of self discipline and patience - great results!. I like the Acer specially.

20 Apr, 2016


Thanks Sterra. They do take a bit of looking after but they look so lovely when in leaf.

20 Apr, 2016


They are lovely, hubby bought one for me last year when I was first taken ill, unfortunately it died, don't think it was all my fault though, they forgot all about it when I was in hospital, nine days on its own poor thing, I tried to revive it but afraid it succumbed.....

20 Apr, 2016


I do like the 5th, an Acer?

20 Apr, 2016


They always fascinate me Linda.
There's a smashing little bonsai Acer in a butler sink in a garden Paddy and I pass on our evening walk.

20 Apr, 2016


You've got some bauties there Linda. The penultimate pic. Looks very like my baby bonsai 'Little princess' or perhaps its 'Orange Dream'? They are great anyway. I've got a tiny Hawthorn seedling which will be my next attempt. But what I really love to see is a Bonsai fruit tree in blossom. Maybe I'll try to grow one from a pip!

20 Apr, 2016


It's worth having a try from a seed from a fruit tree CK or even a cutting. Nothing ventured nothing gained. The Acer was from a cutting.
Thanks Siris, it was a cutting from an Acer we had in the garden.
We actually went to Japan in the early eighties and saw some of their wonderful creative gardens. PP
Hope you are o.k. now Linsclass. Shame about losing the Bonsai you had. They do need some attention.

21 Apr, 2016


What a good idea making a bonsai from a cutting of a favourite plant. For me, no more new projects, I could not give a bonsai the after attention it would need.

21 Apr, 2016


I'm trying to make our garden easier to work with by putting in more perennial plants now and I have halved the number of large pot plants that we have. It's been a lovely day and for the Queen's Birthday too. She certainly is a remarkable woman for all the work she does.

21 Apr, 2016


Indeed a gorgeous day, and as you say the Queen is remarkable to do all she does at 90. Bet she doesn't water any pots though, so time to make life easier for us mortals as we 'mature'.

22 Apr, 2016


Lindak what a smashing collection you have, you have done well to keep them all going for such a long time, I must tell OH to feed his one and only, went to buy a larger pot, for ours...... should have taken the measurements with us, because when we got home we found it was only a fraction!! larger than the one it is already in,lol will prune the roots this year, and see if anything new happens? thanks for putting this blog on.

24 Apr, 2016


Hi DD When the saplings are young you can form the shape of the branches and trunk by bending plastic coated wire around them. The pruning of branches and roots should take place in the dormant period...winter.
You can buy a specialised feed but tomato fertiliser is o.k. to use about now if the tree is beginning to shoot. Feed about once every few months in the late spring till the summer. Hope this helps DD.

25 Apr, 2016


Thanks most helpful....

28 Apr, 2016

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