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By lindak


Well we are nearly there with the clearing up in the garden, ready for the winter…although it is 13 degrees outside. Gerry put the pots of geraniums in the greenhouse and I went down there yesterday and took off all the dead leaves. We have to get the dahlias out of the pots and dry off the tubers now. The grass may need another cut but using the mower on a high cut rather than a short one. We have a resident Robin now, and we have seen a Jenny Wren about too. There are also five Goldfinches around. I’ve put my other free standing feeder out now with a dish for water, a dish for food and three hanging feeders. The birds are just getting used to being near to the bungalow, with us looking at them. We still get the Fox visiting us, but the Badger sadly had contact with a car at some time and lost the use of its back end. My neighbour came in and told me he was under her shed and she was worried about him. I phoned the RSPCA, and they came within an hour and took him from underneath her shed and he had to be put to sleep.
The Hedgehogs have gone walkabout and I haven’t seen them for some time. Hopefully they will return. My little Mason bees died out…Not many Butterflies this year either…bad times for the insects at the moment. Anyway Christmas is coming….soon be writing the cards….on that note I’ll say cheerio for now and sign off…Thanks for sharing all your lovely garden photos…Linda xx

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Enjoyed reading about your November Linda.

15 Nov, 2016


Lovely writing as usual Linda. Sorry to hear about the poor Badger. I saw one beside the road last week too....pity as we don't have that many up here. My Dahlias are still green as they are in the greenhouse, so I shall let them die down when they are ready.

15 Nov, 2016


That was a lovely blog Linda. Sorry about the badger. I have been busy doing the same set of jobs as you. Took me a while to blow the leaves and bag them today.

15 Nov, 2016


Guess we have all reached the same stage now, its lovely to see our feathered friends back on the feeders, my robin has been visiting the patio again and the little wren is flitting around, both hinting at me through the window..

16 Nov, 2016


Thanks Khalanie, hope you are well.
Hi Ck. Our Badger was quite a character and arrived every evening for his supper. We miss seeing him. The Dahlias have done well this year.
Hi Linda, the blowers are useful especially when you have a large area to clean up, but only having a small garden a broom is our equipment.
Hi Linsclass, yes your right and with the temperature at three degrees this morning, frost comes to mind perhaps tomorrow....Lovely to see the birds visiting the garden.

17 Nov, 2016


Interesting to read your updates, Linda.
... so nice to have the robin and the little wren visiting.

19 Nov, 2016


Hi Terra, Thanks, yes the little birds are returning to the garden and as you say it's lovely to see them. There is a strong winds with heavy rain and it's three least it's not snow. YET!

20 Nov, 2016


What a lovely blog to read Linda. ?

21 Nov, 2016


Hi Maggie, glad you enjoyed my news. I saw the fox a couple of nights ago. She is so beautiful.

22 Nov, 2016


I bet she was! They are lovely to see indeed!
Many years ago we woke up one morning to find that a young fox was caught in our football net (which was at the end of our garden) , the poor thing had somehow became entangled around its neck by the netting and was trapped in there! Every time it tried to free itself it just twisted the netting tighter around its neck! It was a shocking sight to see! We called the RSPCA who swiftly came out and cut it free. They then took the fox into their surgery to check it over. There they gave it some shots of medicine ect, then they returned to our house with it and set it free so it would know it's familiar soroundings again. So it had a happy ending, thank goodness! ?

22 Nov, 2016


Glad everything was well with your fox in the end. The RSPCA are great for helping the animals, aren't they. We had a hedgehog that got caught in our pea netting and we rescued it and fed it. It was o.k. and another hedgehog came out to greet it when we let it go.

23 Nov, 2016


Ahhhhh ..... how lovely....... maybe the hedgehog that came out to greet it was related to it somehow.....?.
And yes the RSPCA do a great job, glad we have them !?

23 Nov, 2016

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