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By lindak


It’s dark outside and drizzling again. We seem to be up in the clouds here or should I say the clouds have come down to meet us. It’s been so dull and dismal and there’s nothing much happening in the garden at the moment apart from a few snowdrops opening. We have a flock of starlings that visit us and they are so funny especially when they land on the washing line. They almost spin round. The Wagtails are still around and the Robin who was very timid when he first arrived, is now quite bold and comes to the feeding station by the kitchen window. He tips his head sideways, and looks at me with his little black eyes.
We have taken to going to the River Gardens down the road and have been feeding the Ducks, Swans and Geese. One problem is there are hundreds of seagulls too, so I give them a huge bit of bread and a lot of them chase the gull who has taken the bread, then I feed the wildfowl. I also take some mealworms for the little birds too. The Peregrine is still down at the Mill, we noticed the Seagulls suddenly scattering the other day and it was the Peregrine having a go at them.
Anyway I will sign off for now….Linda x

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isn't nature wonderful. they life just goes on no matter what the weather.
the starlings are very entertaining aren't they.

17 Jan, 2017


Haven't seen a starling for years!

You must be very popular with the birds around you. They can be very entertaining though I believe seagulls are real pests in some seaside areas.

17 Jan, 2017


They certainly are Seaburngirl, they fight over the food and argue and peck at each other.
We live near the edge of the fields Eirlys and get a lot of wildlife around. The seagulls are black headed gulls and a bit smaller than the Herring gulls you'll find at the seaside places. The gulls seem to go away in the summer months.

17 Jan, 2017


I enjoyed picturing you throuwing big pieces of bread to cause a squabble to give the littleies a chance! Great.

17 Jan, 2017


I call it tactics Sterragram...they squabble and are so greedy it actually works and gets rid of most of them for a moment.

17 Jan, 2017



17 Jan, 2017


Nothing better than watching the birds especially at this time of year. Love watching them battle against the wind. We have a giant pile of dung waiting to be spread in the field next door, the birds are LOVING it!

18 Jan, 2017


Yes, good fun sitting watching the birds at is time of year.
I love it because I see lots of Goldfinches, a wren, Bluetits, Robins even a couple of Jays and I had a green woodpecker in the garden a few weeks ago. I never notice most of these in the spring/summer.

18 Jan, 2017


Hi Sandra sounds as though you are going to be busy.
I bet the birds are finding plenty of creepy crawlies in there.
Hi Paul you certainly have a variety of birds there. We have a few Goldfinches here as the fields are only at the back of us. We have a little Wren...haven't seen one for a few years so it's nice we have one again.

18 Jan, 2017


We get a lot of starlings in our garden, and they are so funny to watch....the gulls cannot get down to feed in our garden, thankfully! only the greedy fat pigeons, wrens, robins, long tailed tits, blue tits, goldfinch, and of course magpies and crows, they all have set feeding times two o'clock is the most popular time a scene from The Birds!!

18 Jan, 2017


Hi DD. We get 6 Woodpigeons...It never ceases to amaze me how they manage to take off after eating the amount of food that they eat. You certainly get a good variety of visitors. We get the birds visiting about 2 DD.

19 Jan, 2017


We had many Starlings in the garden yesterday, almost all the fat balls have gone, shame as the smaller birds like to nibble at them!
We also have a rather too friendly Seagull, it has started knocking on the glass of the kitchen door with its beak so we shall have to put him off!

19 Jan, 2017


Yes they like the fatballs Shirley and our Fox always likes to take one from the path too. Cheeky Seagull knocking on the window for his food.

20 Jan, 2017

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