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Out for a walk.


By lindak


Hi everyone, Gerry and I went to Allestree Park for a walk yesterday. We didn’t do the wooded area as it was too muddy, but walked around some of the made up paths, and around the outside of the empty old house that hopefully someone will take over and use. Saw some Mallard ducks and Coots, and heard the geese on the island in the lake. The park used to be a golf course, but there are plans afoot to turn the whole area into a wildlife zone, which would be very beneficial to animals insects and birds around. It’s another lovely calm day with blue sky, and already the crow has been down for his breakfast AND he has found a lady friend. I’m going to get outside later and hoe the odd weed or two coming through. I’ll be planting some seeds next month like Cosmos and French marigolds. I saved last years seeds and hope that they will germinate. I’ve started another painting and am preparing another children’s poetry book, so am keeping busy.

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oh lets hope the wildlife reserve comes off. We desperately need more.
The walk sounds lovely. I daren't do any hoeing due to all the bulbs that I have added over the years, so its always a hands and knees job with a daisy grubber.

Lots of birds are pairing up in my garden too.

27 Feb, 2022


Hi SBG. I have had both knees replaced so can't kneel anymore, but I did find a few weeds and cut away some of the old dead stalks. The sun is still shining and I've just fed the birds their tea. Linda x

27 Feb, 2022


You sound very busy, I'm sad to say my knees are giving me some gyp so I'm missing out on my walks, the joys of getting old I'm afraid.....Its been another beautiful day, I replenished my feeders but the birds must have other things on their minds as they're very noticeable by their absence, even the robins didn't arrive for their mealworms...

27 Feb, 2022


What a lovely walk you had earlier today.

I love poetry for children. Do you sometimes share one of your poems with us - hope so! Do you illustrate the poems too?

27 Feb, 2022


It's nice to know you are keeping busy Linda, your walk sounds lovely. A wildlife area is a good idea and it would be educational too.

27 Feb, 2022


A lovely blog and narrative, Linda. I enjoyed reading it this morning. Lots of interest to be seen by the sounds of it too, you’ve caught sight of lots of wildlife out on your walk. Plus, you’ve been busy in the garden too! Thanks for sharing.

28 Feb, 2022


Linsclass, I got to the agony stage with my knees several years ago and had the replacements within 5 months of each other, did the physio and at least I keep going with grateful thanks to the NHS. I haven't seen our Robin in the garden but the ones in the river gardens are very active and sing beautifully.
Wildrose, I've written stacks of poetry and childrens stories, and My local butcher has them to give away in his shop. The dentists and doctors used to take them but with the covid it's all stopped. I have got some books on kindle.
I just love writing, and yes, I do make them into colouring books as well so that the children can read and colour in.
Hi Hywel, we used to have a collection of succulents and cacti that we enjoyed keeping when we had the very large greenhouse down the road, but gave them away because we haven't the room up here. The flowers are lovely and colourful and I love seeing your plants.
Hi Kate, hope you are keeping well, and love your photos of when you are out and about.
Thanks everyone...Linda x

28 Feb, 2022


Thank you, Linda. You are very kind. I’m ok, thanks, heading to yoga soon. It’s good to hear your knee replacements were successful in the past too. My Dad had his ‘replacement’ hip replacement recently. His initial one was 30 years ago, when he was lasted a good while!
He’s doing well since discharge last week x

28 Feb, 2022


Good to hear about your dad Kate. I did yoga a long time ago when my son was little. I went with a friend who lived around the corner.

1 Mar, 2022


That sounded a lovely walk Lindak! I agree, it would be great if it was turned into a wild life park! Too many places are being used to build more houses now!

5 Mar, 2022


I agree with you Rose. There are a lot of brown sites where the old factories could be knocked down and built on or refurnished into housing. We have a very large old mill here in Belper that is getting into a poor state that would make a super living space with a shopping bit in the centre, and the views would be super to look at across the countryside.

5 Mar, 2022

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