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Walk this morning.


By lindak


Went to the River gardens and fed the ducks. My little Robin was in his usual place and I thought I’d try to hand feed him for the first time today. He was a little hesitant, but flew on to my hand and grabbed a pellet then flew off again. I’ll try again another time with some mealworms.
The geese were very loud, and two of them always fly towards us but yesterday one nearly landed on me, but I managed to step back in time. We call him longneck as he does have a long neck. He’s quite a character.
The day started off with a lovely colourful dawn with a red sun rising, but it’s clouded over now. I shifted all the semi large stones along the path and flowerbed yesterday and hoed the soil flat then replaced them. Swept the remaining soil up and placed it back on to the flowerbed. They look a lot better now. I’m finishing off the weeding today, and all’s looking good. Hope you are all o.k. Love Linda xx

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Lindak thank you for posting the blog even though you aren't able to upload photos...we still enjoy them.
Geese are so noisy aren't they...and rather oblivious as to where they fly.
The mealworms will certainly please the robins.
We are going again to our usual lake visit..each time it's different.

11 Mar, 2022


Hope you enjoy your visit. Are there any swans there Meadowland?. We have a pair on the river but the cob is so aggressive to any other birds.

11 Mar, 2022


Yes,quite a few....they do amuse me with their abrupt stops on the water.

11 Mar, 2022


Oh Linda I misread the last bit and thought you were getting ready for a ‘wedding’ not the ‘weeding!’ I need something to lift my spirits and you were it for a few seconds!
Your walk sounds really lovely and to meet up with a friendly robin is always a treat.

11 Mar, 2022


Wow !! how lovely is that, if robin has been brave enough to settle on you once he will probably do it again, I've never tried to coax mine onto my hand but they do approach very close when I'm turning the soil and if I'm sitting on the patio they will come to where I place their mealworms and suchlike,we have two pair in the garden this year, amazingly they don't fight, I've discovered through the winter that ours like couscous, I checked first to make sure it was alright for them to eat.. I'm always a tad wary around geese as they can be quite aggressive at times, still like to see them though..
Our day started out quite good although windy but its pouring down now, not even ventured down to the g'house but yesterday was good so I also managed a few minutes in the garden, it does one good doesn't it...
Thanks for posting, its still good to read a new blog even without photo's..x

11 Mar, 2022


I enjoyed reading your blog Lindak, even though there were no photos!
But the way you described everything, I could imagine it , especially about the robin.
I have always been wary about geese! When my grandaughter was a little girl, I used to take her to the park near where we lived then.
She wanted to walk while I pushed the pushchair and a lot of geese came up to us, then surrounded us and one came up to my grandaughter and bit her! It was so frightening as its beak was right on her leg and wouldn't let go! She was badly bruised too! Luckily some other people came to help and chased the goose off.
My grandaughter Lauren is now 24 and she still remembers that!

11 Mar, 2022


Wildrose..that made me smile too.
Linsclass, I don't mind the wildfowl. The goose wasn't being aggressive, he just misjudged his landing in excitement of being fed. The robins like suet pellets or mealworms. I'll let you know if he comes on to my hand again.
Hi Rose, It's a shame that the goose acted like he did. At this time of year they get a bit bold and very loud....

11 Mar, 2022


Lovely read, Linda. You enjoyed your walk this morning. We have East Park close to us and the geese are numerous. Actually, I should really go and have a walk round, it’s a big area with birds, a lake, play areas for children, café and long tree lined walks...I drive past it regularly on the way to yoga!
I’ve seen a couple of 3 robins rooting around in the back garden recently, the birds are definitely on the increase again.

11 Mar, 2022


a lovely walk as usual. it is wonderful that the birds are so trusting. waterfowl are some of the least graceful of the fliers I think.

11 Mar, 2022


Seaburn they are like jumbo jets in a gale force wind but its so comical to watch them, lol...

11 Mar, 2022


I enjoyed reading your blog LindaK. You described your walk well. No photo was needed.

12 Mar, 2022


Thanks Kate. Lovely that you have an area for the wildfowl. Our tearooms should be opening soon. We shall pay it a visit once a week and have something to eat.
Hi SBG. The goose we call Longneck and his Mrs. are very vocal and are always hungry for the seed we put down for them.
Hi Linclass, I love to see the geese flying over here in a V formation and listen to them as they talk to eat other.
Thanks Klahanie, let's hope that the photo situation sorts itself out soon.

12 Mar, 2022

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