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Early this morning we went to Allestree Park, a short drive from here. It has small wooded areas and a large lake where there are lots of wildfowl. We saw a couple of grey squirrels eating berries in a hedge, and the birdsong when walking through the trees was beautiful. The sun was shining through the branches down on to the earth path, and there were one or two people walking their dogs. There is one oak tree that we pass under and I always go and feel the bark, and wonder how much it had seen over its lifetime. Soon all the bluebells will emerge under the trees, and they are native ones, not Spanish.
I’ve finished hoeing the garden now and am waiting for my local nurseries to give me a ring sometime in April to say they have my plant order ready. I always get my plants from them as they are always kept well. We just go and pick them up, put them in the car and pay for them. I’ve just got to give the greenhouse a final clean. Then it’s all go again….. Take care…Linda x

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I need to clean my greenhouse yet. It is so good you have a nursery so close that does such a good job. We don't have that service near me sadly.

14 Mar, 2022


3 different tomatoes, a hanging basket, geraniums, lobelia, wallflowers, (the perennial ones,) and petunias. Some being trailing....

14 Mar, 2022


Sounds lovely, Linda.

14 Mar, 2022


Hi Anget I've also got some cornflower seeds, French marigold seeds and cosmos, to plant next month and a pink peony and lily to put in. I usually give the neighbours any extra plants I don't need.

15 Mar, 2022


Hi Meadowland...I've had some perennial wallflowers (mauve ones) for years and kept taking cuttings for the next year, but they all failed this time so I'm hoping that the new ones will do o.k.

15 Mar, 2022


Sounds a great place to go for a walk Lindak...I'm a tree hugger as well, I love the really old ones..... We have a family run nursery local to us, too far for me to walk but my daughter and I regularly go there for our plants, she is into her garden as much as I am and luckily has her own car, they also have huge bargain basement polyunnels, bought many a plant from there that just need a little TLC to bring them on, must have saved a lot of money over the years..I do have a few seeds to sow, saved from last years plants, unfortunately I've run out of new compost so that has stopped me in my tracks for today... Bowles Mauve Wallflower is the one I need, mine has died and none of my cuttings have taken, thats Sods Law....

16 Mar, 2022


That's the same wallflower that failed to grow for me Linsclass. We ran out of compost but Gerry bought some today and hence my last blog...We are lucky living here as there is plenty of countryside and parks to choose from for our walks. Nice that you too have a local nurseries close by to get your plants from.

16 Mar, 2022

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