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Here are a few pics of the trees I have that are in flower in the garden. First we have the Magnolia ‘Susan’ which I bought in memory of my Sister-in-Law who died when she was quite young, called Susan.

This is the cherry tree that my hubby pruned harder than I expected him to, but as you can see, it has flowered beautifully.

Will we have a feast of cherries this year for ourselves? probably not. The birds beat us to them yet again.

This is a cutting from our bigger plum tree. Plenty of flowers this year so hopefully this will be the year it will fruit well.

My red and blackcurrants are full of flowers, although last year all of them were red for some unknown reason.

This is one of four blueberry bushes, this is the oldest one and its full of flowers.

These next three pictures are of my second oldest blueberry bush. I think this should go on the question section, but thought I’d put it here first. If you would look at the three pics I have tried to take slightly differently so you can see the shoots. I asked once before about pruning blueberries. I only had one reply, and that was blueberries shouldn’t be pruned. Trouble now is, if you look at the pics, I have long shoots growing, which have a slightly different colour to stems than the rest of the plant, and I don’t know if they are the plant or if they are ‘robbers’ like you get on roses. So should I prune these back or not, as there are no flowers on these long pieces. The whole plant is quite small and compact, but these shoots that have come from it are quite long and unruly looking, so really not sure if they should be there or not.

Thanks for taking the time to look.

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Love your Magnolia Susan a lovely colour and its so nice to see th Cherry Blossom. Sorry I can't help regarding your Blueberry bush, growing fruit is something I have never tried , but funny enough I was thinking of trying as I have two containers whichI have been wondering what to put in them. Will be interesting to hear what other Goy members think about yor Blueberry;0)

13 Apr, 2011


Thankyou Pansy. The magnolia has a lovely perfume too. The blueberry looks odd with these pieces which are so straight and long shooting from it.

13 Apr, 2011


Lovely photos... what time of year did your husband prune the cherry tree ?

13 Apr, 2011


some very nice flowers.

13 Apr, 2011


Love the Magnolia Linda its a lovely tribute to the memory of your sister-in-law
Sorry can`t help with the blueberry question, they do remind you of suckers that you get on roses.

13 Apr, 2011


lol it was like looking at my garden ................... i have susan and the cherry tree , they are very pretty .

13 Apr, 2011


I'm glad your cherry tree has survived it's harsh pruning lol - like the shrubs I cut back for my friend last year :)

14 Apr, 2011


Your magnolia tree is beautiful...I've often wished we had a garden big enough to accommodate one too. Hope you have some good fruit crops this year, despite the harsh pruning!

14 Apr, 2011


Hi TT. Hubby pruned the cherry tree around about February :o))

Thankyou Alextb :o))

Thankyou Stroller. My Sister-in-Law was only 39. Left 3 children, the youngest being only 7yrs old. The shoots on the Blueberries do look like suckers, don't they? :o))

Thankyou Cristina :o))

Thankyou Hywel. Cherry Tree looks prettier today as more flowers have opened. :o))

Thankyou Whistonlass. The Magnolia isn't that big, and I cut a few branches off to keep it more compact, as it's only in a small area of a flower bed :o))

14 Apr, 2011


w.l. my magnolier susan isent big either and i have had it bt 5 years .......... they are very slow growing , if you put in a large pot ........... it will keep it more compact

20 Apr, 2011


Will keep that in mind, Cristina...a pot would be a better idea I reckon...but will see when the borders are in and ready for planting.

22 Apr, 2011

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