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Hi Everyone. Haven’t had much time to come on GoY, spend time in the garden or anything else for that matter. Have been looking after my 4yr old Granddaughter as my Daughter has had bad bouts with her Gallbladder. Thankfully now though, I’ll have a bit more time to myself, Lol, as my Daughter has just come out of hospital, after having her Gallbladder removed. I’ve actually managed to transplant a couple of tomato plants and a cucumber plant, this morning. The rest will have to wait again, until later, as I’ve opted to come on GoY, Lol. The weather here has been so awful, with rain, high winds, and the coldness. (sorry for you, who are still waiting for the rain to arrive).
I’ve taken a few pics this morning, of what I have in flower at the moment. Despite the rain we’ve been having, the plants and flowers are suffering badly. They seem to be taking forever to grow, and when they do, they’re being badly beaten, either by the downpours or the gales.
This is my one and only Blue Iris at the moment.

This little yellow flower, is growing in with the Iris, but I have no idea what it is, sorry.

This is one of the Pansy plants that are flowering. Had to take this pic as I just love the colour and the markings on it.

This is what I call my Memory Rose. It was a minature yellow rose from Morrisons, £1-99. The care instructions said ‘not suitable for transplanting’. Well I proved them wrong, as this little bush is about 8/9yr old, and when I last pruned it, I cut it almost back to ground level, as it had become scruffy and diseased looking. I didn’t know if I was doing right by cutting so low, but hey presto, my prayers were answered, as this year it has come back, the best ever. It’s around 2ft tall, and about 18/24ins wide, and the flower heads are about 5ins wide, and not a blemish on them, despite the weather.

These are my Redcurrants. As you can see they’re nicely turning red……..

…..but unfortunately, the birds have been at them . I don’t mind sharing, but I get annoyed when they fly off and leave them to rot like this on the ground.

My lovely Acer, which I thought I’d lost last Winter, is coming back nicely. I gave this a good haircut, as the leaves were so badly damaged with the weather, but thought I’d been a bit too severe with the cutters. Haven’t a clue though, why it’s growing back nicely but with ‘bigger’ leaves, lol.

Hope you’ve enjoyed browsing, and all have a lovely day, and to those of you who are doing a ‘raindance’, get some rain soon.

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well i love that rose its stuning lin........................ well dun you , i sometimes wonder if these peaple know wot there talking bt lol
i have that pansey as well lol , like minds errrr .......
i even have the same acer !!
the iris is a lovely colour , darder than mine .
your red curants are way ahead of mine , i keep cking so i can get ther 1st haha , have had a few strawberries and 1 rasberry ...................

1 Jun, 2011


Pleased your daughter is now recovering Linda. Well despite the terrible weather some of your plants are blooming lovely! you did well to cut back your rose and Acer, I ve found it nearly always works and they come back stronger than ever! Thats a beautiful rose not unlike Golden Showers [but thats a climbing rose] your Acer looks like mine too which I had given up on last year but now back better than ever;0)

1 Jun, 2011


Thanx Cristina. Kept the rose indoors til it finished flowering, then deciced to 'try' it in the garden and it paid off.
I have a few pansies, but this ones my favourite. Love the bold markings and colour.
The Iris are suffering with the weather. Have a couple of yellow/bronzy ones ready to open.
Acer has done well considering I gave it a haircut. lol. not sure why the leaves got bigger tho.
As you can see, the birds are dropping and wasting a lot of redcurrants....grrrrr....

1 Jun, 2011


Thanks Pansy. Daughter is recovering very well. After 14months of almost constant pain, and in and out of hospital, it's amazing how quickly she's bouncing back.
I didn't know how far to cut the rose back, but ended up going to ground with it (didn't know what I was doing really)lol.
My Acer was left with only a couple of twigs by the time I finished with it. lol. If you look to the top, left of pic, you can just see a couple of twigs, how dried they were.

1 Jun, 2011


Yes, the rose is beautiful, so happy it came back even better!
I can't believe after a week or so of light rain, lots of blustery wind, the earth is still so dry.

1 Jun, 2011


Can see the twigs mine was like that too and like you I cut out all the twiggy parts and hey presto better than ever now;0)

1 Jun, 2011


Your plants look in great condition, well done! I love the markings on the pansy too!

1 Jun, 2011


Good news on your daughter ... could that yellow flower be Allium moly ? Looks a bit like mine! Love that yellow Rose ... we have Redcurrants on an allotment we've just taken on but not really sure what to make with them. What do you use yours for please? : o )

1 Jun, 2011


Lovely plants and photos L.loo, glad is all well with your daughter and that you were able to step in and do your 'grandma' duties, I have been doing the same thing for three years now!! (that is why i am having help with the garden now)

2 Jun, 2011


Thankyou Lulu. The rose is beautiful, and considering the winds and rain, the blooms are unblemished. I noticed today, the first bloom that opened has only now started to die off.:o))
Glad you noticed the twigs Pansy. lol,:o))
Thankyou Crafty. :o))
Thankyou Shirley. My Daughters doing well. Still not sure about the yellow flower, as I'm not familiar with the one you said, sorry. I too love the rose. Lovely that you have Redcurrants on your allotment. I make jam and juice with mine.
Make the jam as you would normally make it, or you can add other fruit with them, such as apples.
I make the juice concentrated.......
I weigh the fruit and sugar, as if I was making jam, but I then add a little more sugar, and then boil, boil, and boil, until it goes like syrup.
Then I put it through a strainer, and squash as much as I can through, with a wooden spoon.
I then bottle it, and when I want to use it as a drink, I dilute it, 1 part juice-3 parts water.
I save the empty glass sauce bottles, as these are a good size for me. I then use 1 whole bottle, and top the bottle up 3 times with cold water.
I usually mix it in a big jug, as I find this easier.
I usually taste it then, and maybe add a little more sugar to taste.
I was given the recipe by family out in Estonia. I think they call it 'moss', that's if I've spelt it right. My Grandchildren love it, but they have to wait for this time of year to have it, as I won't buy Redcurrants because they're so expensive for what you get. Hope I've helped and not hindered you. :o))
Thankyou Grandmage. My Daughter is doing really well. I have passed on everyones comments to her, and she thanks everyone for taking the time to enquire about her and wish her well. Grannie, as I'm known, is doing a splendid job, Lol. I've come to the conclusion, that the 4yr old granddaughter, thinks I'm a 'servant' Lol. :o))

4 Jun, 2011


I know what you mean by that L.loo our grandson, also almost four thinks the same, its 'I want' all the time!!! Bless them eh. x :~)

4 Jun, 2011


Tell me about it. Granddaughter informed me, as I was taking her to school one day last week, that she'll be 5 in September, and then, she'll know everything, 'won't I Grannie'? I politely told her, 'you'll know a little bit more, but you will not know everything yet, as Grannie is still learning things as well'. Her comment back was, 'Well, Grannie, I know nearly everything now!' No comment. lol :o)))

4 Jun, 2011


Linda, if you Google images of Allium moly it may help you decide if yours is that plant. Many thanks for the recipes for the Redcurrants ... I'll put this blog on to my Favourites for future reference. : o )))

4 Jun, 2011


Thankyou Shirley. Will try and google now. Lol. :o))

4 Jun, 2011


L.loo, think she is 5 going on 15!!!!! But you have to love them! :~)

5 Jun, 2011


Go to the top of this page and enter 'Allium moly' in the search box ... you'll find pics of real ones in member's gardens. : o )

5 Jun, 2011


LindaL, That reminds me of one of the poems in A A Milne's Now we are Six - "...But now I am six I'm as clever as clever, and I think I'll stay six for ever and ever!

That yellow rose is beautiful and so many flowers open together the birds are finding my redcurrants too - time to put the nets on I think. I've got a lot of that cellular stuff that they used to use to line cagoule sleeves with - its good as the birds can't get stuck in the mesh as they sometimes do in proper netting.

ShirleyT, I sometimes pop out at breakfast time for some redcurrants to put on my muesli - makes a nice change. They are good with cooking apples or rhubarb, or for redcurrant jelly.

5 Jun, 2011


Thanks all for your comments.
Grandmage, she definately thinks she's 15. Older Granddaughter has just turned 16, and when she visits, little one is like her shadow, the little one n ow calls her Sisco. When we asked her why, she replied 'Bryony is my cousin, but I want her to be my Sister' thus the name. hehe :o))
Thanks Shirley, Didn't think of doing that. lol.;o))
Lol. Sg. The rose is beautiful, and the heads are so big. So much for it being minature lol. Picked just under 7lb of my Redcurrants yesterday and made Redcurrant jam (seedless) and juice last night. Used about 4lb of them, Can't decide what to do with remaining 3lbs for a minute. Will think of something, but yes they are lovely with muesli or mixed in with chunks of fresh pineapple. :o))

6 Jun, 2011


With pineapple? I never thought of that. And I happen to have half a pineapple in the fridge...

8 Jun, 2011


Lol. Sg. My favourite fresh fruit dessert:- Fresh pineapple, strawberries, Mango, Blueberries and Redcurrants. Delicious and very colourful. lol.:o))

9 Jun, 2011


Well done with that rose, it's lovely. It's always worth a try. I had a houseplant campanula at Xmas time and about Feb I planted it outdoors 'just incase' and sure enough, it is now starting to flower and looks really healthy. I think I actually had a lot more success in my garden when I didn't 'know what I was doing' ....the theories are all very well, but my gardening philosophy has always been 'dig a hole, plant it and water it' and see what happens! That plus a bit of common sense is all you need! lol ....enjoy your pansies, nice yellow Allium by the way!

17 Jun, 2011


Sometimes as the old saying goes, 'ignorance is bliss' lol. I often go and just 'shove' things in, especially when I don't have the time to spend in the garden, or when OH makes a comment about something I've bought, and it's been left on the bench waiting to be planted. :o)

17 Jun, 2011



17 Jun, 2011

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