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Went shopping yesterday to get a couple of plant pots. Went to Poundstretcher, as they are quite near to where I live and reasonable too.
Glad I went there as I managed to get a few bargains on other things. These are what I managed to get.
Cuprinol furniture stain 750mls £2.99. What a bargain. I bought one to try.
I had a pack of 2 large plant pots £3.49. Another bargain. I know they’re only the plastic ones but they will do for what I want them for.
When I got home, I put the weekly shopping away quickly, as I wanted to try out the woodstain. I had already Teak Oiled the garden furniture a couple of weeks back, but wasn’t really happy with the finish, so had planned to get something different to go over them.
This is the tin of stain i had.

I painted my table……

I painted the hammock…..

and painted the back and half the front of the Tete-e-Tete seat….

I was so impressed with the coverage when I started on the table that I came in and phoned them asking them to save me a few more tins.
I went back down to pick them up, and had another bargain……..
Hubby putting my latest bargain together….

and here it is…….

Cast Iron Chimnea £49.99 reduced to £29.99
Well, I just had to have it, didn’t I. lol.
These last 2 pics I wanted to upload last week, but daughter had laptop and I’d left my sd card in it , so have had to wait until now.
Last Thursday I went a bit berry headed in Lidls and bought a Goji Berry plant, which I’ve wanted for ages but what I’d seen have all been too expensive.
This little beauty was £4.99.

Then I went bananas and bought myself a Banana Plant. Lol. which again was only £4.99.

So I think I’ve had a few nice bargains the last couple of days.
Hope you like them too…

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I love a bargain! You've got some lovely bargains there. I can just imagine slightly chilly evenings outside being warmed by your chimenea. Lovely!

2 Jul, 2011


Love it. Great bargains, and the painting looks good.

2 Jul, 2011


Oh lovely lucky you, is that a Springer Spaniel I spy in the background?

2 Jul, 2011


I love bargains too, Lin, brilliant shopping there and your furniture looks great. That Chiminea is nice I have always wanted one of those but no good on decking!!! Enjoy your bargains and the garden!

2 Jul, 2011


Thankyou Nariz, Can't wait now to light it. lol. :o)

Thankyou Cinders. I was suprised how well it covered. Used a brush this time, was a lot quicker. When I oiled it last, I used a rag and it took forever. :o)

Thankyou Cupcake. Yes Mali is a Welsh Springer. She's just turned a year old. We've always had English Springers, but neighbour opposite was trying to sell his pups and we ended up buying her. :o)

Thankyou Mage. They do have some good bargains there if you can catch them. Have wanted a chimnea since I saw my daughters. They do warm the patio nicely, but they make a good feature anyway. ;o)

2 Jul, 2011


What bargains you coped their Linda and love the colour of the wood preserve and what a great bargain that chimney love your dog its cute

2 Jul, 2011


Thankyou Dawn. Love the colour of Mahogany. Yes, my dog is cute, sometimes. Lol. :o)

2 Jul, 2011


Yes such a rich colour is nt it, I use to have a springer spaniel called Dylan black and white though lively dogs and great temprement.

2 Jul, 2011


We've always had English Springers (Liver and White), brown and white. Hubby wanted a black and white one, but couldn't get one fairly local. Neighbour across the road has Mum and Dad, so when Mum had her litter, we bought one off him. She's a Welsh Sprnger, hence the colour. We say mahogany/ginger and white, but her pedigree says Red and White. (just to confuse us). Lol. :o)

2 Jul, 2011


LOl lets hope your Hubby gets a black and white one

2 Jul, 2011


I said no more dogs after our Springer was put to sleep last year, but then when the pups appeared opposite, I was the one to fall in love with them.
BUT. I was only looking. It was Daughter who bought her, saying it was for Granddaughter, and then tells her Dad, that she actually bought it for him.
Can't win really. Lol. :o)

2 Jul, 2011


I love your bargains especially the chimnea!:)

3 Jul, 2011


Thankyou Nana d. I love it too, and it's a nice size. :o)

3 Jul, 2011


great bargains linda well done, love the chimnea :o)

3 Jul, 2011


Great purchases there, Linda :) The chimnea was a real find at such a great price too.

3 Jul, 2011


Lol thats kids for you , shame you had to have it put down

3 Jul, 2011


Thankyou Sandra. nice to see you back. :o)

Thankyou Whistonlass. I am really pleased with my chimnea. It wasn't really a bad price at £49.99, as I have seen them more expensive for the same size, but when I saw the £20 off, I just had to have it. :o)

Thanks Dawn. Yes, both my Daughters spoil their Dad. Well they spoil both of us really, but they know they can twist him round their little fingers, if they need something doing. lol. :o)

4 Jul, 2011


Thats typical of girls but not in my case we use to prefer our mum lol

4 Jul, 2011


Lol. Dawn. :o))

5 Jul, 2011



5 Jul, 2011

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