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Feathered friends.


Planned to write this last week, but Daughter went on holiday, left me with her laptop, but borrowed my camera, with the sd card still in it.
We’ve been having some dreadful weather, so have not been able to do much gardening, until the last few days.
These pics have been taken through my kitchen window.
I was standing in the kitchen, looking out at the miserable rain, when a sparrow caught my eye on top of my trellis. it seemed like it kept disappearing and then returning. I called OH, and he said it looked like it was going to and fro in the greenhouse. So I stood and watched.
Hello, what’s the weather like out here?…..

Mmmmm.. bit drizzly again, but need a bit of fresh air…

Come on you…It’s not too bad. Besides, our feathers are waterproof…..

Oh, ok, if I must…… Come on lazybones, we need to stretch our wings, and besides… Look there!!!!

We have a giant bath on our doorstep….. actually, there’s 2. One each for us either side…. no need to share…

After they flew off, I went to have a look in the greenhouse, but couldn’t see anything. Not even a trace they’d been in there.
A couple of days later, after they’d gone again, I went to have another look. The door was stuck slightly, and as I gave it a push, I was covered in (what I thought was) dust.
I looked up as I brushed my head over, and this is what I saw…

They’ve built the nest, right above the door. Of all the places in the greenhouse, they chose this spot…

Straight away, OH says to me, ‘thats it now, you’ve destroyed the nest, probably won’t see them again’.
But I’m pleased to say I have.
I’ve done my best to avoid going into the greenhouse for a few days, but went to go in there last night to put my 2 new plants in there, when I suddenly had the shock of my life, when a Sparrow started flying around like something deranged, and scared me to death..
When I looked up, they have repaired the nest.
So my greenhouse is now off limits to me.
OH said, looks like they will nest in there after all, as they seem so determined to occupy MY territory. lol.
Hope you enjoy my blog and little bit of nature.

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What an amazing place for a nest ... good blog :o)

2 Jul, 2011


Amazing, Lindalooloo, who would have imagined them nesting there. ?

2 Jul, 2011


Nice to see sparrows again. They disappeared from my garden many years ago. I see robins nesting in greenhouses, sheds and many other unusual places. Not many days ago I went to my local Home Base and picked up a small plant in order to realize their was a nesting robin inside. Strange enough it was near the door with many people come and go all the time. They probably know who their real enemies are.

2 Jul, 2011


What a silly place to build a nest eh? is that why they're called 'bird brains'? We had a pair of blackbirds a couple of years back who built their nest in a climbing hydrangea! (it was only about 5' up - well within the reach of most cats). They managed to raise 4 chicks and, when they were ready, flew away and left the nest.

2 Jul, 2011


Your blackbirds were very lucky Sheilar. Blackbirds stand only one chance in ten to be successful. The reason is that they built their nests in rather exposed areas and very low where even me and you can see them from a distance. They have never been successful in my garden and I suffer a lot in the spring when I witness the carnage.

2 Jul, 2011


Talking of silly places to nest, at our local garden centre on the wakefield rd a pair of great tits have nested amongst the pots and are currently raising chicks. There is a sign which says "birds nesting do not disturb"

Alas, no one has told the cat who resides there, good point cat is very fat and old but takes a watching brief.

2 Jul, 2011


Thanks TT. It is an amazing place. :o)

Thanks Tulsa. Can't imagine why they chose here, when they must have seen me back and forth. :o)

Thanks Coshad. Hubby said we don't see so many of them nowadays. I think these know I'm not out to hurt them. :o)

Lol. Sheilar. It is a silly place to build the nest, as I'm opening and closing the door seeing to the plants,:o)

Hahaha Grannyb. Looks like my greenhouse is off limits. Well have told Hubby just to leave the door open now and see what happens. Trouble is every time you touch the door, the nest is getting disturbed. ;o)

2 Jul, 2011


They will have lots of grapes to eat!!

3 Jul, 2011


Love sparrows - they're great value! We had a 'bird incident' yesterday. We saw a Swift fledgeling on the ground beside the old barn looking quite healthy and strong but unable to fly. We kept a watch in case of cats and then saw a Swift fly into a crack between the stones just under the roof overhang. Partner then got a ladder and popped the baby back into the hole. Now we just hope he gets fed and grows up.

3 Jul, 2011


And I am preying that the cat, Magpies and Crows don't kill our baby Goldfinches!!

3 Jul, 2011


Stressfull times ahead for all of you with nesting birds :))) I dont want any more nests or fledglings in my garden, Ever.. I witnessed a Magpie capturing and eating one of the tiny bluetit fledgling in my garden a few weeks ago. i was mortified, never again!!

3 Jul, 2011


Lulu; lol. They will have plenty of grapes, as there are a few bunches there at the moment. :o)

Nariz; Hope your little swift does survive. :o)

That must have been awful for you. Have to admit, we feed all the birds. We have bird boxes everywhere. Hubby would love to see these sparrows stay and nest, as so far we've never had this happen, but as much as I love to see the birds in the garden, I'm like an idiot when I see a Magpie. I usually run out and shoo them away as they don't give the little birds a chance, they're so greedy. I know they need food as well, but they're bigger and they'll have a go at eating anything. :o)

3 Jul, 2011


Eeee lindaloo, I was sitting in my garden the other day and saw a seagull above me with a HUGE fish in its mouth, i dont know why thought it was funny but i took the giggles, the fish was obviously dead, it was gold and shimmering in the sunlight, someone lost there goldfish or koi carp that day..
I dont like Magpies either, little thieve's!! I try and shoo them out my garden too..

3 Jul, 2011


You have to be careful of seagulls Daisy, as they can be nasty. If you've got something in your hand that takes their fancy, they'll swoop down to get it.
When my girls were young, a seagull swooped and took her icecream clean out of her hand.
On another occasion, one hit my other daughters bag of chips out of her hand, trying to get at them..

3 Jul, 2011


flippin heck Lindalooloo, When i was in mexico, they were swooping on us all the time, i thought they were a bit more shy here.. there huge birds!

3 Jul, 2011


great linda, shame you cant go in your greenhouse though, do you need to water anything or is everything outside now, how lovely, chicks soon to come i hope ;o)

3 Jul, 2011


Thankyou Sand. Most of the stuff is outside now, but I've left the door open because of the one that was flying around in there. I wasn't sure if I had frightened it or if it was trapped. Not sure about chicks, as I've not seen them actually going in there again. Nest is still there, and they are still in the garden, but we'll have to wait and see. :o)

4 Jul, 2011

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