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My little patch of Wild Flowers planted by my Granddaughter.


For years my OH has said he would like a patch of Wild Flowers. Let me re-phrase that, a ‘controlled’ patch of Wild Flowers. lol.
Over the years I have bought various packets of mixed seeds, but nothing has ever come of them.
The only Wild Flowers we’ve ever had in our garden, are the weeds that find their way in from the field at the back of the garden, or the birds that drop them when they visit us.
This year, however, my 4yr old Granddaughter who likes helping in the garden, kept nagging me to plant ‘special flowers’ that she could look after herself. I found a box of seeds in the shed, that I had bought a few years back.
I couldn’t properly read the box, as the label had faded, owing to the age of it.
Anything for a peaceful life, I gave the box to her and told her to scatter them at the top of the garden, (basically out of the way), thinking to myself, ‘nothing will come of them’.
How wrong I was.
We’ve been referring to them, as her ‘weed’ garden.
I can’t tell you the name of them all, as try as I might, I can’t find out what they are.
I have been through all my Wild Flower and Weed books, but can’t find which ones are which.
Here are a few pics to show you what I’ve actually got from an old box of mixed seeds that I thought were well out of date.
… These first couple of pics are the taller ones. Purple and…

……Arrow shaped leaves, with pinky white flowers and red stems…..

…..Tall, slender stems, with tiny pink flowers. Again, the stem is pinky…

These blue ones are so pretty, and again very tall. But as the flower opens, by the end of the day, they die.

This one I know. lol.
I’ve tried growing these several times, as they are the National Flower of my late Father-in-Laws country, Estonia, but never been successful.

…And I know this is a Poppy of some sort. Again I’ve never been successful growing these……

This is one that has opened today. Again, haven’t a clue.

This looks like Gypsophilla….

This too is pretty, and very low growing.
The next pic is a closeup, as I think the markings are amazing….

I also know this one. lol….

This one is so small and delicate, and only about 1-2ins in height and again I have no idea….

This again is pretty, and same height as the one above….

This is a new one flowering today…..

…And this is another clump of foliage, I’m excited to see flower. Think it may be a Daisy of some sort….

This is the overall pic of what has been growing…
We have had more of the yellow ones than anything else.
I thinned these out today, because as the flowers die, they produce seed pods right up their stem, as you can see after the next pic,so I thought to get rid of some before they drop…..

I did have another overall pic, but for some reason I couldn’t turn it, and if I had have uploaded it, you would have all had a crick in your necks. Lol.
All in all, I’ve got a good mixture of colour and height and the insects love them all.
I still don’t know if they are Wild or Weeds, but Granddaughter loves them.
Considering I thought the seeds were no good, the Granddaughter has had more success than I have with my plants and veggies. Lol……

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They are very pretty, I bet your grand-daughter is chuffed.
My first bit of luck with flowers was many years ago randomly sowing seeds, they were wild flowers and they grow to my suprise. :)

10 Jul, 2011


I love wild flowers and have loads of them in my garden, the insects are more interested in them that the "highly cultivated"..if thats the right word... shrubs etc, after all they are natives of the place we live in, so to me they are just a part of my gardens flora.

10 Jul, 2011


Wow... what a variety of flowers from your seeds :o)

10 Jul, 2011


The tall yellow one looks like rape and last pic's the seed pots, they'll be small black seeds in side

10 Jul, 2011


I love wild flowers and have often done as you said, sprinkled packets of seed to no avail. These are gorgeous, what a success!

10 Jul, 2011


It's so nice that your grandaughter met with success and you've got a lovely spot in your garden where she can also observe insects in addition to the large variety of flowers.

Whether weeds or wildflowers...they all look really pretty. I have a box of wildflower seeds which I'm holding back on until next year when I hope to do something similar. Throw the seeds and see what comes up :)

10 Jul, 2011


Thankyou all.
Sharni; Lol. I really didn't expect them to grow. :o)

Rogi; You're right with the insects, they do prefer the natural flora. :o)

10 Jul, 2011


Thankyou TT. I do have a great mix, and looks like I have a few more Poppies and Cornflowers coming, so I'm thrilled about those. :o)

Jiffy; I thought they may be Rape. I have opened one seed pod, but the seeds are still green at the moment. I did pull a lot up, before they dropped, as I didn't want those ones taking over the garden. :o)

F1ower; Thankyou. They do look very pretty. :o).

Whistonlass; My Granddaughter loves the garden. She's a bit wary of the insects, but we've been gently having a look through the leaves, and spotted a Ladybird, now she's chuffed, as she can relate to them more because of her story books. lol.
I've had the seed box for about 3 maybe 4 yrs, so thought they were probably too dry. Just goes to show, they weren't lol. The 'box' was actually a 'drum' if that helps.
Now the Granddaughters Sunflower has opened, and it is fantastic. Will put pic on later. She's definately got the greenfingers. lol. ;o)

10 Jul, 2011


There are some really pretty ones and as the insects visit your grandaughter might lose her fear of them as they`re on her patch, hope so anyway, its amazing
how many new boxes of these seeds seem to fail for people, guess the answer is allow them to get old and then plant.

10 Jul, 2011


Thankyou Linclass.
She's been out there today tending to them, and having her pic taken with her Sunflower, which is taller than her. lol.
Will put some pics up later, or maybe a blog.
She cooked cakes as well earlier, and even they were lovely. lol. :o)

10 Jul, 2011


A very accomplished gardener and baker you have got there with your grandaughter, Linda....she must love coming to visit as you do give her your undivided attention and "do" things with her....nothing better with grandchildren :)

10 Jul, 2011


i had a few of them in a pkt i had ........... corn flowers , the ones that die looks like morning glory , rape pops up every where think the little one are wild gerraniams ....... pretty any way ........

10 Jul, 2011


Third one down Vetch 16th down, Birdsfoot trefoil or St Johns Wart, the close up with purple spots looks like a geranium of some kind to me what lovely array of colour and varieties you have so pleased they have grown for your grand daughter what a wonderful natural little gardener she is tell her from me her flowers are beauties.

10 Jul, 2011


Thankyou Whistonlass; Granddaughter and Daughter live with me at present, while Daughter is refurbishing her house.
She does love the garden and baking, as you will see when I do next blog. :o)

Thankyou Cristina; Hope you're feeling better after your fall, and arms and bottom are not too painful still.
Yes they do look pretty, all together. :o)

Thankyou Sixpence; Shall pass your comment on to her when she gets home.
There are still a lot more different varieties still coming up. They are all very pretty. :o)

12 Jul, 2011


I bet she is excited lets hope the seed has been planted and she continues through out her life in gardening.

12 Jul, 2011


Just did a blog, so you can see what she looks like when she's gardening. lol. :o)

12 Jul, 2011


Thanks I ll take a look.

12 Jul, 2011

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