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Honeysuckle Update


Just thought I’d do a quick update on the progress of my sick Honeysuckle.
As some of you already know, that both Shirley Tulip and myself have experienced a problem with our Honeysuckles.
I started cutting all the diseased shoots and flowers off mine, until the rain decided to stop play again. I was planning to cut back to ground level, when I had chance, as the rain has been awful the last couple of weeks.
Yesterday, I went to check on some of my plants, and checked the Honeysuckle while I was at it.
I took these pics quickly before the rain started again, and you can see, the new growth, so far, is looking good.

I still don’t know what caused the problem, but I’m thinking it must have been insect festation of some kind.
Reason I’m thinking this is, that by me cutting all the bad leaves off, I’ve removed the insects, and had it been disease, then the plant would still be suffering?
I’ll still have to wait and see how the plant keeps doing, but so far, so good.
I hope Shirley, that yours is also doing ok. :o)

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I wonder if its moths doing it like it does to pears, do moths go for honeysuckle though I m not sure on that. They say this year has had an infestation of the moths that eat cloths which we have nt seen for years, a chap went on holiday he came back and most of his bed had been eaten by them, another the whole of his carpet after retuning off holiday.

20 Jul, 2011


Glad to see the new growth on your honeysuckle...

... and pretty pink nail varnish ;o)

Adding to GoYpedia Climbing Plants ...:o)))

20 Jul, 2011


Funny you should mention moths. Not sure if this is the cause on the Honeysuckle, but OH, found some little ones in my front room about 3 weeks ago.
I bought these coathanger things, made from cedar wood, which are suppose to be moth repelent.
He then read on the internet that Lavender was good as a repelent, so I picked some and put sprigs here and there, as we don't use our front room regularly.
It seemed like every other day, we were finding a little one, not knowing where they were coming from.
OH said a couple of days ago, he thought they were coming from the carpet near the window. I thought he was mad. Maybe he's not, and they are coming from the carpet.
I tell you, I've been paranoid over them, as I know the damage they can cause.

20 Jul, 2011


Thankyou TT;
Checked it again earlier, and still looking good.
Nail varnish is called 'Coral Reef'. Granddaughter likes to experiment, and guess who the Guinea Pig is. lol. :o)

20 Jul, 2011


That's excellent news Linda ... I cut mine almost to the ground and noticed today it has fresh & healthy looking leaves ... but I may well move it at the weekend (weather permitting!) as it's the wrong colour for that area ... never satisfied are we? lol! o ))

21 Jul, 2011


I'm glad that yours is growing healthy Shirley. Sorry you had to cut it back though. But hey-ho, it'll be easier to move now its smaller. lol. :o)

21 Jul, 2011


Hmm ... I have to get it out without disturbing the Clematis planted close by ... another challenge for me ... lol! : o ))

21 Jul, 2011


I'd have a problem if I needed to move mine. Mine is growing alongside my Wisteria. They've both grown together, and intertwined each other...

21 Jul, 2011


Then they must never be parted .... : o )))))

21 Jul, 2011


Lol. :o)

21 Jul, 2011


I'm pleased for you :o) I hope it gives some flowers aswell now

22 Jul, 2011


Thankyou Hywel. :o)

22 Jul, 2011


Just to say I have moved my Honeysuckle today ... hard work to dig it up without disturbing the roots of the Clematis though! I've added a photo to my blog about the problems with it. Hope yours is thriving? : o ))

26 Jul, 2011


Hi Shirley.
Have had two days sunshine, so have made the most of the gardening. I cut mine back further yesterday because when I looked some of the new leaves had started to shrivel again, (they may have been just distorted from before) so I decided to just take it back more, and keep a check on it. :o)

27 Jul, 2011


Good luck with the new growth ... : o ))

27 Jul, 2011


Thanks Shirley. :o)

27 Jul, 2011

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