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Little Red Acer.


Bought this a number of years ago in Wilkinsons.
Only paid £2.49 as it was in need of a lot of TLC.
Wasn’t much bigger than a twig, but over the years it has been beautiful.
This year however, I thought I had lost it because of all the bad weather we had earlier in the year. But it started to show life, and had been growing lovely, except the leaves are bigger than normal, and lost that lovely feathery look.
Then I noticed the leaves starting to curl, so thought it was dying, but it’s still growing.

Then I noticed that it had 2 shoots growing out either side of the trunk, under the older leaves.
I’ve left them to grow, and this is the result. (which I think looks quite comical). lol.

The ends of these shoots now, have gone back to the lovely feathery leaves and the lovely red colour…

Why it has gone through this, i don’t know, but at least it is ‘alive’ and thriving.
Now I don’t know whether to leave them there and reshape the tree around them, or cut them shorter, or off completely. Decisions, decisions!!!! Lol.

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I'm guessing the strange way of growing is a reaction to the cold winter... Glad your acer is surviving :o)

28 Jul, 2011


I find when in pots they seem to get killed with weavels, yet in the ground they grow a lot better, I have put two of mine in pots till autum then they will go into the ground, just incase like others on goy the weavels get to the roots. Does it need repotting or roots clogging the hole at the bottom when watering does the water run free from the pot bottom.

28 Jul, 2011


Thankyou TT. :o)

This has always been pot grown. I have transplanted it, but not recently.
All the new growth, is the same s is used to be so I don't think theres weavels. :o)

28 Jul, 2011


I think it needs to spread its roots Lin. maybe put it in the ground with plenty of ericacious compost and a good feed with it too. It looks Ok. but my feeling is it needs to grow and spread.:~)

28 Jul, 2011


Glad its comming back strong. They are fabulous plants. I'm considering putting one in a pot in the corner of a deck. Think it would look stunning against the green of the ivy and the white of the wall.

Those two side shoots are amusing, it's growing arms. Beautiful colour in the new leaves at the end though.

28 Jul, 2011


I agree with Grandmage Linda or get a large pot.

28 Jul, 2011


Thankyou Grandmage. Think I'll have to repot it. ;o)

Thankyou Sam. They are fabulous plants. I have a large one in the garden.
One would look stunning on your decking.
Think I'll leave the 'arms' for a while and see if it grows any more. It may end up looking like an 'alien'. lol.

Yes Sixpence, I agree with Grandmage.

28 Jul, 2011



28 Jul, 2011


Lindaloo, I think you're doing the right thing, potting it on, it may just need some fresh compost to give it a wee boost! I've never seen the leaves go curly like that though...must see if I can find out what that is...! :0)

28 Jul, 2011


Thankyou Libet.
Not only did the leaves start curling, but the whole colour of it has changed from quite a bright plum colour, to a dark burgundy colour.
You can see the colour it was originally, when you look at the last pic of the new leaves that have grown.

28 Jul, 2011


I have been looking to see if I can find out anything about what's happening to your wee Acer, and they all talk about the leaves being dry and brown at the edges, which yours aren't! Acers do need an awful lot more water than you would believe, so I think moving it into a bigger pot so you can water it more may be the answer? Have you moved it on in the last couple of years? Do you think it might be potbound, can you see roots coming out of the bottom of the pot? It very puzzling! Wonder why the leaves changed colour and shape? Is it grafted, maybe there's two varieties of Acer there, with the more dissected leaf and brighter colour belonging to a graft spliced on to a species with a stronger root system? You know, like an apple tree! Maybe I'm bonkers! I'm still looking for an answer though, it's very interesting! ;0)

29 Jul, 2011


Lol. Libet. You're not bonkers.
Some of my leaves are rather crispy to feel, and have also got a dark green colour in them, as if the plant was green and is changing for Autumn.
But I know this isn't right, as the tree has always been red.
I'm as baffled as you, as you can see the new growth is perfect, which makes me think, the soil and plant must be ok.

29 Jul, 2011

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