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Hi to all my Gardening Friends.
Hope you’re all having a Happy and Healthy 2012.
I haven’t been on here for quite a while. No worries though, I’ve not been anywhere else.Lol.
I’ve been having problems with head/neck aches and laptop seems to aggrevate problem, so thought best to rest from it for a while. Neck problem is still ongoing, but biggest problem is ‘Where is this Year going?’.
Seems I’ve only just put xmas dekkies away and we’re already a 1/3rd into this year. Lol.
I have tried coming on site for the last 2weeks but have had trouble with connection. Then came on line last weekend and had problem with GoY site. Firstly I couldn’t get onto my news page, then it was asking me to log-in, then it was telling me I was already logged-in, and when I tried looking through everyones pics and blogs, it took forever, so I gave up through sheer frustration.
I would like to say to all Friends whose pics I managed to look at and not be able to comment on, ‘All your pics
are beautiful’. :o)
Those whose blogs I’ve managed to read but again not able to comment on, ‘My apologies’, but the ones I have read, I enjoyed.

I’ve not been able to go out in the garden at the moment as the weather has been so awful, but managed to take some pics this morning in between ‘April downpours’.
Poor garden is looking sorry for itself through all the rain and wind we’ve had, but hope you enjoy browsing. :o)
A few Forget-me-nots….

and Primroses….

This Camelia (which needs de-heading) is a few years old, but this year it’s had the most flowers ever….

Dicentra…doing nicely…

Winter Pansies… (thought this pot was just weeds. lol.)

Apple Tree blossoming….

Pear Tree blossoming… (will need a ladder to pick them. lol) for some unknown reason this year, all the new growth and blossoms are only at the top of the tree….

Cherry Tree (Stella)… adorned with china Bird House handpainted by young Granddaughter (garden helper)..

……hope we get some cherries this year. Usually, wind blows them all away…

Apple Tree at bottom of garden…(this tree is only just over 3ft). We only had 4 apples off it last year, as horses helped themselves. Not sure if apples are Golden Delicious or Grannie Smith, but they are that size.

Magnolia (Susan) looking very pretty….

Redcurrants.. full of flowers. Looks like I’ll have a good crop again this year.

Bluebells… struggling a bit and looking a bit sorry for themselves….

and lastly….My Granddaughters piece of garden. Hubbie moved some of the bark chips, rolled the liner back, dug it over and leveled it out, so ‘garden helper’ has now got her own patch….fingers crossed she’ll be as lucky with her crops and wild flowers as she was last year. She’s all set and ready to go…..just waiting for the sun to shine…I told her she could be waiting till next year. lol.

Hope you enjoy browsing. :o)

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Hi Linda, I know what you mean about neck ache.......hanging out washing doesn,t help either......

You,ve got some lovely colour in your garden, suns been out and oh managed to cut the lawn, nice to hear fromyou x

24 Apr, 2012


Hello Linda..
Lovely to hear from you. I hope your aches and pains go away, and that you get more chances to get on GoY.
Pretty photos... lots of lovely blossom !

24 Apr, 2012


Thankyou Pam:
OH managed to cut ours last week, but didn't have chance to get the strimmer out before it hailed and the hailstones were almost as big as golfballs.
Sunshine today first thing. Pegged two loads of washing out, within an hour, there was a huge black cloud, I had to run and get them in again and put heating on to air them. x

24 Apr, 2012


Thankyou TT:
Have enjoyed being on here today, back amongst friends. x :o)
Loved the pics of your garden. Boys are looking beautiful. Give them and Crocus, hugs and kisses from their Welsh friends in Swansea. xxxx :o)

24 Apr, 2012


Oh I can sympathise with your neck probs ... I get sommilar - neck and shoulders
:o(( Makes you feel miserable doesn't it ...

And yes this year is going faster than any before. When I used to tell my gran the time was flying, she used to say "Wait till you're my age" lol ... and she was right !

GoY can be a pain to look at sometimes mind, I find it slow and it sometimes refuses to show me my home page.

Nice to browse in your garden. Roll on nicer weather ! and I hope your grand daughter enjoys her little patch :o)

24 Apr, 2012


Hi Linda nice to see you back, i have neck probs so i cant be on laptop to long but i also have tablets which help relax my neck muscals off doc rather than keep taking pain killers and they work for me, will pm you name and you can always ask your doctor.
lovely pics, take care xx

24 Apr, 2012


Thankyou Hywel:
Yes I remember my Gran telling me that.
Weather has been horrendous. Cherry Tree looks so pretty, but usually a lot of the blossoms get blown off when we get the winds in May.
Granddaughter loves her patch. She's been out there with OH getting it sorted.
That's the trouble, little ones get impatient. She's already planted some wild seeds, and goes to check on them every day to see if they've grown yet. lol. ;o)

24 Apr, 2012


Well thats four of us........maybe we,ll be better when it stops raining.......

24 Apr, 2012


Me too San if you wouldn,t mind, like Hywel it gets me down......

24 Apr, 2012


Thankyou Sand:
Will appreciate that. They gave me painkillers, but don't like taking them too often if I can help it.
Have been on here, longer than I planned, as it's going so slow again today. :o) xx

24 Apr, 2012


Lovely to see you back Linda and in time to watch your little grandaughters exploits in the garden, you`ll have to do better with your toms this year or she`ll beat you again, lol.
Sorry to hear you have been having problems, trouble with neck ache is it has a habit of moving elsewhere and really makes one feel miserable, hope you can get it sorted.
As to the lap top and Goy, well at least you didn`t chuck it through the window, its very frustrating at times, it seems to affect lots of us occasionally and then rights itself, I often flick over to IE to upload my pics because AOL can take an age....
Your garden is looking good, the Camellia is gorgeous and the blossom on your fruit trees is way ahead of mine, its been quite nice here today after almost constant rain, which although we needed it badly, was getting a bit depressing..

24 Apr, 2012


Thankyou Linclass.
Yes Granddaughter did far better than me last year.
Her wild flower patch was gorgeous, and she didn't even
plant the seeds, she just scattered them. lol.
Now Hubbies prepared this patch for her, she thinks she's the bees knees :o)
As for veggies, she's got her seeds ready....cucumber, tomato, beetroot, carrots, red peppers, runner beans...everything she likes. lol. :o)

24 Apr, 2012


Hi Linda good to see you , sorry about your aches and neck problems also your problems connecting on Goy, I had a similar problem last year so frusrating but I now log on via Internet Explorer and it works fine.
Enjoyed the tour around your garden everything is looking healthy and flourishing despite all the wet weather. Your Fruit trees are looking lovely with all the blossom and promises of bounty to come. I just love the For- get -Me- Nots they are so pretty, I have been transplanting some around the pond today. The first day I have been able to do any proper gardening without dodging rain, and Hailstones. So nice to see the sun for a change.
What a nice idea a little gardening plot for your Grandaughterof he very own, she will love it!
Happy Gardening ;0))

24 Apr, 2012


glad the garden is still giving you lots of pleasure. and well done for starting off the next generation :o)

25 Apr, 2012


Thankyou Carole:
Weather today is dreadful again. It has rained so heavy and hard throughout the night and this morning, and so cold with it. Granddaughter has had to go back to wearing her winter coat to school. Just unbelievable for this time of year. I remember when I was a child, we would go out on trips at Easter and with Sunday school etc, and we'd be in summery clothes.
Haha! the forget-me-nots are Granddaughters from last
I'm logged on now via Internet explorer. I don't know any other way to log on. lol.
Granddaughter is thrilled about her patch. She's been out there every day checking to see if her flower seeds have started to grow. They are starting to make an appearence, if only we can keep 'Mali' off that patch. :o)

25 Apr, 2012


Thankyou Seaburngirl:
Young Granddaughter loves the garden. She has all the gear too. Apron, gloves, trug and tools etc. My Daughter, even bought her, (wait for it) 'overalls'. lol. Trouble is when she has them on, she looks more like a mechanic rather than a gardener. :o)

25 Apr, 2012

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