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This morning I’ve been watching a bumblebee visiting again and again the variegated ivy ‘Goldchild’ which I have growing up a wall. I looked up ivies and bees on google and find its really important to leave ivy to grow wherever possible as food and shelter for birds and bees especially over the winter. I know the birds love the berries but now will leave as much as possible to grow elsewhere.
I’ve no idea what the b.bee was doing!

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There is an ivy which is at Kenilworth park where the ivy is full of bees I can't recall the name of it I m sure it had lex in the name.

3 Mar, 2014


Thrupennybit that's really interesting! There are no berries on my so they are not feeding unless drinking drops of water from the leaves but I don't think so it just looked as if burying himself,then remained quite still for a minute or two and then flew off. Perhaps the ones you saw had overwintered in it.
They were all over the Clematis Wisley Cream last week when we had some sun but they were on the flowers.

3 Mar, 2014


Ivy flowers are a valuable source of winter pollen for bees so perhaps they were looking for some.

3 Mar, 2014


Thank you Steragram :-)

3 Mar, 2014


My bumblebee was back again earlier this morning and spent quite a few minutes looking for the right place then snuggled right in. Its a corner wall facing east so the sun had obviously warmed it.

4 Mar, 2014



4 Mar, 2014

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