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Swiss Chard!!!


By linmar


Last September/October I bought a trayful of plants (from a local small nursery) labelled Swiss Chard. I cut some and ate it at intervals & never having grown S C before, thought it must be very slow growing! – its in a container and still growing. I’ve just realised that its nothing like Swiss Chard but its actually Spinach!! How’s that for auto-suggestion?! :)

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You won't make that mistake again - and the spinach will have been very good for you....

6 Mar, 2014


Snoopdog Who's popeye?

Stera It was after seeing your photo of Swiss Chard that made me look again at my spinach!

7 Mar, 2014



Sorry, me just being thick re the popeye character! Pity no 'hangdog' expression on computer!! Of course, I remember him & the spinach.

9 Mar, 2014


Lol Linmar!

9 Mar, 2014

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