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A story behind the Anemone


By lishy


In Greek Mythology the Anemone was also known as the windflower. The story goes…. Adonis was one of the most beauiful men in the land, so Handsome he caught the eye of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and also he eye of Persephone, queen of the underworld who was forced to marry Hades od the the underworld, this was because both godesses continued to fight for the hert of Adonis which was an embarressment to all the other gods. Persephone though beautiful was a secondry god having little meaning and power as was part of a trio of sister gods and only seen for their music. Aphrodite ofcoarse the godess of love have a massive influence on the mortals and gods, making her very powerful. She would visit Adonis regulary In Cyprus at Adonis’s waterfall, they would make love and enjoy each others company. Adonis Loved to hunt in which Aphrodite came to enjoy also. The god Ares also loved Aphrodite and appeared on the earth a a wild boar… jealous of all the attention she gave to a mear mortal, devised a plan t kill adonis, he knew Adonis’s passion for hunting and whilst Aphrodites was in the heavens he persued Adonis in his boar form, Adonis raised his bow in the thrill of hunting the wild boar but the Wild boar did not run, it edged closer to Adonis, Adonis released his arrow from the bow and hit the wild boar, though it merely wounded the boar, The boar drew closer and closer to Adonis and Peirced through His milky white flesh straight to his Heart.

Adonis lay bleeding on the ground, Aphrodite rushed to his rescue but was too late, she lay beside him crying, where they were lying for every drop of blood that reached the ground Red Anemones shooted from the ground, and for evry tear shed for the loss of her love that touched the land, white anemones grew, this is a sign of the greatest love story and tragdy ever told so to see Anemones in bloom should remind you Of the love a goddess had for her Adonis

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Do you grow anemones in your garden, Lishy ?

5 Sep, 2010


Lovin your stories Lishy, lets have some more. `=0)
Welcome to this website as well.

5 Sep, 2010


I dont Louise, I do think they are very pretty though... lots of stories to come grandmage :o)

5 Sep, 2010


I like mythology. It's fascinating. I'll remember this when I see red anemonies now.

5 Sep, 2010


glad you liked the story xx

5 Sep, 2010


Its sad but lovely thou,

5 Sep, 2010

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