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Let Battle commence!


Yesterday I noticed the slugs have arrived back.

Here we all go again


or is it just me?

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No l.o.m. its not just you, they drive me mad too, including snails too who do the same damage. They are the only living thing I don't mind killing. I can't think to what purpose they were created.
I do find that spreading coarse horticultural grit thickly around vulnerable plants works to some extent - until a nearby plant creates a bridge for them.
I find its good to encourage hedgehogs too, by building a heap of logs to house them somewhere quiet and a bit hidden.

25 Mar, 2010


The wretched things should in theory be fewer, afer a cold winter. Let's hope so! It's snails in my garden. I'll be waging war, too!

25 Mar, 2010


Get lots here too, but not seen any yet. Mind you, it's been too cold at night to go out on slug patrol! I use grit too, and vinegar on the little blighter's when I find them!

25 Mar, 2010


Yep we started too - I saw a baby one on my Pak Choi urghhhhh

25 Mar, 2010


With the amount of frogs here I shouldn`t really find any but I bet I do and yes I`ll be getting rid toots-sweet.........

25 Mar, 2010


I agree with the grit Mad but I dont have too much of a problem with slugs perhaps the frogs and hedgehogs keep them down for me.

25 Mar, 2010

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