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I have grown tomatoes by this wall for maybe 15 years and have never had a year like this, you can see from the first pic. that there is 1 ripening, and many others now growing but which will win the mould, creeping up the stems, or a few tomatoes, total disaster, last year we ate every one into October, even though they looked tatty, they still ripened. You wonder why you bother sometimes.

The one with the tomato is now in the middle!

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Oh dear! all that hard work, but so many in the same situation this year.
Let's hope next year is a better one garden wise and I look forward to seeing pictures of a successful crop then.

22 Aug, 2012


My tomatoes that are outside look a bit like those...btw when they get to a decent size I pick the green ones and put them in a cupboard to I donĀ“t lose them all to the mould.....the tomatoes in the greenhouse are a lot mould..but still very slow in ripening.

22 Aug, 2012


I think that you have tomato blight, lizziebee, looking at that last picture. The weather this summer (?) has been just perfect for this. I would be considering picking the healthy fruits now and laying them on a sunny window cill.

22 Aug, 2012


That is a shame Lizzie, I`d strip off the bad leaves, the toms look alright in themselves, failing that ripen the fruit off the plants, its happened to so many of us this year, mine is my beans, they have had too much water I`m afraid, I`m hoping to get a few beans as some have started to flower this week in the sunshine, where there is life there is hope, lol....

22 Aug, 2012


Thanks for your help, I am hoping they will get a bit bigger first, even though they are Gardeners Delight.
We have got very good beans Lincslass, so you win some lose some.!

22 Aug, 2012


Same for me - none to be bothered with
I can see you've got a few that might still ripen, so you can live in hope lol

22 Aug, 2012


I,m praying for a sunny autumn........toms in gh just beginning to ripen,. The cordon ones are the same variety as last year,.they were normal size with big trusses, this year there are fewer toms but some are like a beefsteak type and drop before ripe, too heavy I suppose, and not as sweet through lack of sun.....and for the first time in about 15 years my sweet peppers are a pitiful sight

23 Aug, 2012

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