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Starting over...


By llew


Well, after yesterdays fiasco, I started all over again today and my mini greenhouse is in operation again. :o)

What a nightmare though. The wind is still strong and I was fighting a losing battle for a while. I managed to get all the wet compost out and rather than waste it, put it round the roses. As I hoe and weed regularly, I’m unlikely to get broccoli and sprouts coming up everywhere, ha, ha.

Just as I got it cleaned out and on its feet, a gust of wind got it and took right across the shrub bed. Oooeerr!!!!! Poles out of slots, shelves everywhere. Still, hey ho! I got on with it. There are a couple of tiny holes in the cover now, but I don’t think they’ll be a problem. Maybe in the autumn I’ll see if I can get a new cover for this one. Not a Gardman, so may not be easy.

Anyway, it is now firmly (I hope) anchored in place. I’ve got tent pegs in the four corner loops, tent pegs going over the bottom rail and shelf and bricks at the back of the bottom shelf too. If it doesn’t stay put this time…I’m binning it, lol.

So, I put my Phygelius and Osterpermums in for a while. I went to my shed and sowed all my seeds again. Broccoli, Sprouts, Lettuce, Tomatoes and some peppers I bought today. Funny though, out of the mess, one germinated seedling had stayed in place in the seed pots, lol. I don’t have a clue whether it’s broccoli, sprout or lettuce but i’ve left it in a row all by itself so I know which one it is and we’ll see. :o)

My giant fuchsia plugs are in there and I also (for the first time) took 3 cuttings from my Fuchsia ’Delta’s Sarah’. I bought seed compost and rooting powder especially to try it, cut my own wire for cages and popped plastic bags over them. I’ll be over the moon if they root.

I also managed to salvage some coriander, so I’m hoping the seedlings aren’t too weak and they will survive yet another potting.

Finally, from the garden centre, I got a freebie bag of Sparaxis. I’ve never had these before, but I had a nice cauldron like thing and I managed to get 19 of the bulbs in it, 2 inches deep and 2 inches apart, so fingers crossed for those too.

As soon as my other fuchsias and impatiens from T & M arrive and hopefully the other plants I’m waiting for too, then there’s plenty of room for those too.

So there we are. Today’s efforts and this time, let’s hope it’s for keeps, lol. :o)

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Well done, Llew. I hope your mini greenhouse stays put this time.
A few years ago, I had a similar mini greenhouse and I put lots and lots of engineering bricks on the lowest shelf, to keep the whole structure in place.... or so I thought...

During a terrific storm, the whole top part ripped off ~
metal parts, plastic cover, plants.....

.... all that was left intact was the bottom shelf ~ well weighed down with huge heavy bricks. Lol.

9 May, 2009


Llew if you look on my home page you will see how my plastic greenhouse is tighed down.

9 May, 2009


oww Llew, what a shame. If its any consolation its happened to me too. These winds have been going on for a long time now, but heres hoping they will go away soon. But these little greenhouses are really good if you havnt got space for a proper greenhouse and im sure all your new plantings will live to see the great outdoors

9 May, 2009


Oh I sympathise, I really do! I have four mini GH's, and have had them blow over in the past (last year I lost all my sweetpea seedlings). I can't tie mine down as they are on a hard path down the side of the house...instead I use bricks and a "Gro-bag" on the bottom shelf, and put heavy pots up against them. I hope yours stays put this time :)

9 May, 2009


well done for not giving up. and as you say the compost went on the beds so an unexpected mlch into the bargain.

9 May, 2009


I had the same triouble but with shelving in my greenhouse. was absolutely devesated, so to help keep the poles in place ive tyed twine round and then tied it to the greenhouse!!

one strong gust of window and watch out the wicked witch!!
YEHAHAHAHAHAH!! cackle cackle

x x x

9 May, 2009


Good on you,its happened many times here but temper and determination are a darn good reason to come out on top,pleased to say the winds died down here today but still no rain so hosepipe out again to fill waterbutts, good luck with new sowing......

9 May, 2009


Well done you for persevering I am sure it will be worth it.

9 May, 2009


Thanks, peeps.

The wind had died down here today too, and everything is still in place. Yay!!!!!!!

Clarice, love the planter next to your mini greenhouse. What a super idea. :o)

10 May, 2009


Not happened to me but think it was touch and go, if i hadn't put bricks on the bottom i'm sure it would have been flying in the air like Dorothys house!!! It looks great now DD2, fingers crossed it stays that way

10 May, 2009


Good for you Llew. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't fly away on you this time. :o)

11 May, 2009


Glad you have managed to salvage a few more of your 'lost' seedlings and now have your mini greenhouse in working order. Hope everything goes well for you from now on.

11 May, 2009


So far so good. :o)
It's windy again today, but everything is in place.

11 May, 2009


Yes the wind is a nuisance, my veg is a rocking and rolling :-)and my rescued chuckies arent sure what it is, it must be like landing on a different planet for them.

12 May, 2009


It's still blowing.

I have stuff I want/need to do and just can't work in it. Wind gives me terrible earache and if I put a hat on, the sun makes me sweat terribly having long hair.

I'm in a major sulk here, lol.

Loving your chucks, Norfolk. I hope they settle to it soon, hun.

12 May, 2009

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