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A LITTLE MIRACLE (or three)....


By llew


Rain. Yep, the rain was a little miracle. After weeks of wind (not that it’s gone yet) I was seriously worried about my plants. Most of them being fairly new, I wasn’t sure they could stand much more of it. They looked very sad and wind burnt. :o(

Yesterday, I braved the wind and went out with some new trellis, got it up and fixed up my clematis which were still tied to the shop canes. I’m sure they’ll be much happier now. I was also going to go out and water them in the evening and lo and behold, the rain came. Lots and lots of it. I don’t think I’ve ever been glad of so much rain before, lol. This morning everything in the garden was rosy.

I know it sounds stupid, but I swear the plants actually did look happier. Anyway, I took a couple of pics.

My dicentra. I liked the close up best as again, this plant is fairly new so doesn’t have a lot of foilage. It did come with a free raindrop though, lol.

Between little gusts of wind, I managed to get some of my Blueberry blossoms. I don’t know when the berries come on these, nor where they appear, but I’m assuming they will come in where the blossoms were. I really should try and find out.

My little Giant Fuchia plugs were potted on a few days ago and are looking to be doing OK. I have Seventh Heaven, Bella Rosella, Pink Marshmallow, Quasar and Deep Purple.

Remember my dying roses from ‘that’ company? Well, this morning – miracle number two. I found buds on two of them. Yay!!!!! I couldn’t believe it. The Ena Harkness is definitely dead and I think the yellow climber too, but the Lilac Perfume and the pink patio rose are without doubt…ALIVE. I was so chuffed to see them.

The plants I ordered from ebay still haven’t turned up (tufted echinacea, black cornus, jacobs ladder) but I have heard from the seller and apparently the PO sent them back to her. So she is packing me some more up so fingers crossed they arrive. I wish T & M would get their fingers out as well and get my Lady Boothby’s, my Habeneras and my Blue Impatiens out to me. But…my compost bin DID arrive. The small bit of stuff I’ve managed to collect so far won’t even cover the base, lol.

Anyway, I saved my BEST miracle for last. The centaurea I’ve been boring you all with and the one I very nearly dug up. So glad I didn’t, ’cause just look at this….(quite a lot of it did die though).

So that’s been my couple of days. What about you?

It’s been very quiet on here for a couple of days so I’m wondering if you’ve all been out looking at your own little miracles. :o)

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Glad you found some miracles, Llew! And I think you're right, we are all in our gardens being amazed by nature. Lovely day here today, very warm although cloudy. A little rain late afternoon but I would like a bit more as everything is very dry.

14 May, 2009


It is amazing how rain perks everything up, we could do with some more..........liked the photos.

14 May, 2009


Looks good ;Llew....I wish we could have some rain here....All my water butts are empty and its very overcast, but we still havent had a drop. Like yous, the plants are all beginning to look thirsty. I shall have to resort to the hose pipe soon.............

15 May, 2009


ive just been out and the rain is really making a difference so yes Llew I think they are all very happy. Almost gurgling in delight. your plants are looking fab, your bleeding hearts are beautiful, I recently bought some bare root crowns so will be waiting for ages for mine, I have also ordered the centaurea arent they magnificent, very much in love with these

x x x

15 May, 2009


It's still tipping down with rain here, so all I can do at the mo is look out the window, ha,ha. ebay plants have arrived so come rain or shine, I will need to get them planted this weekend. I'm going to put the Polemonium and the Echinacea into pots but the Cornus will go in the ground. They're not very big, but they look OK, so I'm quite pleased at the mo. <big grin>

15 May, 2009


I need to be outside...we have had three days of rain. I think it's time for a day or two of dry weather, don't you?

Glad your plants arrived!

I had a parcel yesterday, a metal obelisk to match the one I got last year - they said it would take 14 days but it came in 3!!! How good is that?

15 May, 2009


Its pouring down here in the south east, all I can do is worry about the booming slug population. the garden is growing like mad but its still too green, cant wait for the roses to open. and its official, there is no more bare earth for me to plant anything in, so what will I do with all the seedlings I have? Im glad your centaurea survived, im sure it will be ok now

15 May, 2009


Another non-miracle today. Boo hoo!!!! I am so very fed up with this wind.

It's the first time I've grown Aliums and there were 5 stems with buds on. One, the first to show was breaking out. This morning, the wind had blown it clean in half.

It's weird the emotions we feel for our plants isn't it? but I'm so, so disappointed. I was really looking forward to seeing it. Oh well, I'll just have to hope that the others come up ok. :o)

16 May, 2009


We are having a mixed day,rains for a while then sunshine but unfortunately the wind is drying eveything so we aren,t really getting any benefit,I have managed to mow the lawns tho.pleased you didn,t lose all the roses and yes I also have a liking for centaurea.......

16 May, 2009


I bent over to plant some osteospermums this aft and my bum hit my lilies and knocked my largest one off. Had the flower buds on it too. Gutted again!!!, lol.

I'm beginning to wonder if there'll be anything left to flower at all. Ha, ha.

16 May, 2009


That Centura looks divine! I'm gonna have to get one! Accidents are inevitable in the garden, so don't feel bad about it! My hubby has plenty of accidents in the kitchen, so that equals it out, teehee!

1 Jun, 2009

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