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I have always loved growing plants. I moved to an Apt when my health went down hill. Since then, the only place I can grow them, is either in the house or out on the balcony. Each year, I send last years plants to the yards of my children and then try to grow something different the following year. Some plants have been better than others, as it gets very hot up on the 9th floor with no overhang. My balcony faces the east and the plants only have half a day of sun. I will no doubt continue this until my health no longer allows me to haul all the soil and water to the balcony. I really enjoy seeing all the different plants that others grow also.

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  • 8 year old plant in bloom
  • Asiatic Lily 2009
  • A pot full of Snap Dragons 2008
  • balcony 2008

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State: Utah