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Should I Wake Him UP?


He’s finally done It!

Done what?

He’s finally attracted Bluebirds to his nesting boxes! Should I give him a big croak to wake him up so he can get some photos of this?
That’s a good idea, only don’t bother anymore I’m too busy trying to avoid being breakfast for those blackbirds nesting nearby..


Well, I woke up this morning to the beautiful sight of a Bluebird couple choosing their nesting site and start the building of a nest. The male continued to drop twigs into the nesting box until the female accepted the offer by going into it. It is she alone who builds the nest and that process has started. After their numbers being down quite a bit from competition with starlings and sparrows, a program of placing nesting boxes to attract and build up the dwindling Bluebird population is really paying off. About four years ago I placed a nesting box with a hole of a size that would be appropriate for Bluebirds. Last year a couple looked it over but decided to go elsewhere. This year I decided to change the location of the box and BINGO! I hope you enjoy the photos……

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What fabulous birds! some great pics - and good to hear they seem to be making a recovery.

16 May, 2015


Wow! You said on my blog that my peacocks were lovely, but these are stunning! Fancy having such beautiful birds flying about free! The closest we got was when our pet lovebirds decided that flying free was the way to go and worked out how to open the door of the cage. They spent several years just coming and going as they pleased, but now are no longer about - perhaps just died of old age (don't know how old they were when we got them) or became prey for the sparrow-hawk. Whichever, they enjoyed freedom for years, they were pretty, but not a patch on these. Best of luck with them rearing their young, then perhaps they will always come and nest in your garden.

16 May, 2015


Great blog L'strife, I love the intro with the frog, lol, and its great to see the birds have decided your box is the place to be to raise a family, its going to keep you occupied for quite some time over the next few weeks watching and waiting, hopefully they will be successful..
Stunning set of photo's, thankyou for sharing, its going in my favs..

16 May, 2015


Thank You All. These photos were taken with my new camera which has a telescopic telephoto lens. One broken arm still in a cast made picture taking very difficult since just pushing the button to take the photo would cause enough movement to make me miss the bird so these pictures are a distillation of a lot of shots. I will go out today to purchase a tripod to make things easier. The Bluebird disappeared from the scene for a long time so this is a real treat. Color wise as far as not so common visitors to my garden, this bird has only three other rivals, the Yellow Finch, the Baltimore Oreole and the Ruby Throated Hummingbird. Brings to mind, years ago I was walking towards a lakeside fishing boat rental dock where I saw hanging from a tree the sack like nest of a Baltimore Oreole. Upon closer inspection of this nest, I noticed that it was woven almost totally of nylon fishing line cut and discarded by fishermen who had rigged up their gear at the dock!

17 May, 2015


Gosh what lovely birds (lovely blog too) .....They enhance a garden don't they.....

17 May, 2015


Fabulous blog and photos, Loosestrife2.

26 May, 2015

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