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Bamboo Ordinances Shoot Up


On my side of the world Bamboo is creating a big problem and many local municipalities are addressing the problem through zoning laws, regulating what can be planted, how it is to be planted and where. Here are a few ordinances which I think you might find interesting….I will identify the municipalities as A, B, C….etc

A- The max ht. of any bamboo planting no more than 12ft and requiring the installation of an underground barrier to contain the growth “running bamboo” variety. Clumping bamboo varieties are allowed to be planted without barrier. Fines in violation are $600 per day or 30 days in jail if violator is unable to pay….

B- Homeowners with bamboo on their property requires
periodically trimming and removing growth four times per year. Violators are fined $600 per day or 30 days in jail.

C- Requires planters of bamboo to install a barrier of “high density polypropylene or polyethylene no more than 30 inches below ground level” fines not to exceed $1000.

D-The same as municipality C but it also adds that bamboo is not permitted to exist "within 40 feet of the edge of the pavement or traveled portion of any public roadway in the borough

E- The same as above with the addition of a replanting prohibition.

As you can see, none of the ordinances request removal of the bamboo from the owners property. The reason for this is that its removal is very difficult and in some instances requires a backhoe and time that could number in the years. A single digup of bamboo costs $1500. There are moves to place bamboo on some states noxious weed lists.

Some complaints which spawned these ordinances were … A complaint from a homeowner that his neighbors bamboo spread onto his property and was growing into his house HVAC system creating a potential for fire…bamboo growing under the asphalt of a driveway and coming up in the middle of the driveway…bamboo from two adjacent neighbors invading an owners property and are " now growing all over the place". How effective will these ordinances will be? I really don’t know but I hope you read this with some interest.
Best Regards To All: L

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Gosh!.......we grow phyllostachys nigra and pots!

Up in Northumberland in Alnwick gardens is a bamboo maze......its fascinating to be inthe middle of ie with the dappled light an shade..and the rustling of the leaves

It sounds a scary prospect if its growing near you Loosestrife
I couldn't see anything about chemcal control .......

Here one of the worst is japanese knotweed.......brought over by victorian plant hunters then it escaped....

5 Feb, 2016


I have a problem getting mine to grow even . I put two in about 5yrs ago , one died last year and the other isn't even trying !
Better beware where you live , Loosestrife , life threatening bamboo !
Rather stringent legislation .

5 Feb, 2016


We have Japanese knotweed on our acreage on Vancouver Island spreading rapidly and cannot eliminate it no matter what we do. I think someone planted it years ago as the plant itself is attractive.

5 Feb, 2016


I think thats what happened here Klahanie.......and rhododendron ponticum......pretty shrub but a thug!

6 Feb, 2016

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