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My famous last words could have been and being an idiot, probably will be “I’ll Pick It Up Later”. I was in the garden moving a trellis from one place to another when something came up and I laid it down saying to myself that I will pick it up later. A few days past and I went back out into the garden today when my left foot got caught on something and down I went. Of course, my foot got caught on the trellis that I had forgotten about and not looking where I was going had not seen lying down in the garden. I had to crawl back into the house. The way it feels now my Achilles tendon is either strained or worse ruptured. I am writing this while waiting for my son to take me to the hospital. I call myself stupid because I always told my wife never to lay garden tools down for the very same reason. GOY’ers,This good for the garden biblical advice comes from “Corinthians” … “Take Heed Lest Ye Fall!”……….P.S. Thank goodness I have a trusted neighbor to take care of my pups.

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Hope it's not as bad as you think Looseststrife one quote to another which I think we are all guilty of at times at least that is what the OH tells me frequently :)
"practice what you preach" hope your better soon.

23 Apr, 2016


Oh L'strife what are you like, it was this time last year when you took a very nasty tumble as well, hope its not as bad as it sounds, I'm mentally crossing my fingers for you and hope you aren't in too much pain, we all are often guilty of doing the same sort of thing in the gardens even though we do lecture others.
Take care and let us know the results ....

23 Apr, 2016


Sorry - I did not mean to "like" this.

I do hope you are on the road to recovery, Loosestrife. It adds insult to injury when we do something we feel is our own fault. If only life had a rewind facility... ?

23 Apr, 2016


Oh dear, I thought I was the only awkward one in the garden, I'm always tripping up, usually over something like a feather. Hope you're injury isnt as bad as you suspect.

23 Apr, 2016


Oh Help, I hope it isn't a ruptured Achilles. Its surprising what injuries you can get just pottering about in the garden - fork through the boot, twig in the eye etc. Let us know how you go on and what the hospital has to say.

I lose my trowel and leave the barrow out by accident but have never managed anything as impressive as a trellis...

23 Apr, 2016


Thank you for your concern and comments. Yes Lincs, this time next year I will dress myself in a suit of armor - I'll try to find a cheap used one on the web.... It was a bad tendon strain, ice pack now to be followed by heat application to help the tendon to heal itself. Right now I will give it a rest and use support while I walk carefully along. This reminds me of the three stages of life which I realized could be found in food market shopping cart. The first stage of life you're in the shopping cart being pushed along by mom....the second stage you find yourself straining, pushing the cart made heavy by all your family groceries and your own kids in the cart....the third and last stage of life, here you are leaning against the nearly empty cart using it to hold yourself up while you walk.

24 Apr, 2016


You take it easy now and hang onto that cart, not as bad as it could have been, although sometimes a tendon strain is not as straightforward as a break would be when it comes to the healing process, all our own fault usually as we kid ourselves alls well and we are back in action again, hoping its not too uncomfortable for you.....

24 Apr, 2016


Wishing you a quick recovery Loosestrife.

24 Apr, 2016


Thanks Linc's. What I am experiencing is a burning sensation. The pain meds effectively tone it down though. Klahanie, thank you for your wishes.

24 Apr, 2016


I like your shopping cart analogy, Loosestrife! I do hope you are feeling better.

26 Apr, 2016


Thank you Ohmelchised. Yup, I'm leaning on that shopping cart very much these days:)

27 Apr, 2016



29 Apr, 2016

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