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This is a follow up....


This is just a follow up on Dianebully’s blog on taking up a musical instrument. I had mentioned that the one instrument that I picked to play after hand injuries made me set down my violin for good was the hammer dulcimer.
For those of you who have never heard of it, I would like to introduce you to it by showing you mine….

The piano is an offshoot of this ancient instrument though instead of pressing a key which in turn causes a hammer to strike a string one takes a pair of hand held hammers to do this…

I perform the tuning with an easy to use electronic tuner and a tuning key as you see pictured….

Last but not least one needs some music to play, here is one of my favorite tunes:)…..

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Thank you Loosestife. A lot of people think music is difficult but its surprising how many instruments are just
simple notes on a Treble Cleff, as this one is.

I really think people are getting tired of T/V and want some new indoor interests. Wonder if they will go back to the family singsong round the piano while Mum plays on a Saturday evening ? Our Music Academy reports 200 students studying Drums, and every other instrument is catered for in their 10 soundproof teaching rooms.

13 Feb, 2017


If not in the home then in local music societies and events where one can meet others who favor playing music together. I play in a group which has 8 hammer dulcimers, violin, a guitar, a base fiddle and 3 mountain dulcimers. We all have a great time together. On this instrument, I have even played Coldplay's song- Clocks.

13 Feb, 2017


My Dad played the Double Bass and the Banjo.
My younger brother played Clarinet in the Irish Guards
Band for 25 years. Last year he was invited to return to attend a rehearsal. He is 81 now. Hadnt been back for 40 years. His son drove him to London, and recorded the whole thing with DVDs for the family. I love it.
My eldest son says I will wear it out, so has put it on my computer for when it fails.

15 Feb, 2017


Diane, that must have been really special. The clarinet's a grand instrument, so versatile.
There's nothing like music making. My son Paul taught drums, ,my other son plays the trumpet and my father in law used to be a drummer with a dance band. My own father used to sing with a G&S opera company and I sing with a local choir. OH is tone deaf...
At Paul's funeral we played a recording of the Berlioz funeral music with Paul playing the percussion. That was really something.

17 Feb, 2017

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