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Now I Have Heard Of Everything...Bee Thievery


I have learned that a new criminal phenomena is sweeping across the globe and that is bee theft. From Australia to Canada bees are being stolen. Example, in Canada a beekeeper had 600,000 bees taken by this thievery, workers and queens. Those victims of this crime have a common consensus that these bee burglars are pros and know bees well. The question is, which is still unanswered, what is done with these kidnapped bees?

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sadly some people will steal anything. they either sell them on to legitimate bee keepers who want to establish new hives or they use them themselves to generate a bee/honey industry.
quicker and cheaper than doing the work your self. hives are not cheap. there was a case in our locality recently. but he got them back as he had a micro chip locator fitted as he had lost hives in the past.

15 Apr, 2017


A gps locator in a beehive....I take what I said back seaburngirl, I have NOT heard of everything.

15 Apr, 2017


wow ....

15 Apr, 2017


It seems nothing is safe these days, sorry L'strife , I gave the blog a like as I wanted to acknowledge I'd read it, been having problems for ages and wasn't expecting my comment to appear properly...

15 Apr, 2017


Am so sorry to hear of this theft. Bees are scarce enough.
My first one for this year arrived last Monday. Settled on a purple flower (cant remember the name) and promptly flew away.

16 Apr, 2017


Lots of honey bees & bumbles in my garden, they mostly congregate on the creeping comfrey that I haven't pulled out yet.

21 Apr, 2017


The purple flowered plant is Erysimum. Think I will get some seed to grow more over this summer. Its really a hardy Wallflower. The same Bee keeps coming most days.

21 Apr, 2017

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