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A Good Way To Break Your Neck.


Just something I have noticed recently in television adverts and pictures from garden magazine articles and that is the placement of potted plants on one or either side of the steps of stairs going into the front door of a home. Most right by the railings. Here are the problems posed by such an arrangement of function and beauty. First, the pots keep one farther from the railing for a good grip for those of unsteady legs. Second, visitors saying their goodbyes leaving ones home will most likely be forgetting about the potted plants as they concentrate on those they are departing. This will lead to making a spectacular exit tripping on an unnoticed pot flying head over heels to the bottom of the steps leaving the potted plant intact but their head cracked. Third, that nice paint job or power washing done on those steps will get the dirty stains and imprints of those pots from watering overflow. This type of arrangement may look attractive to a home owner but believe me, it looks horrible to your insurance agent and appears most beautiful to a hungry lawyer.

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I like walking through the woods but I do find trees get in the way......such a hazard! Don't know why they were put there!

21 Apr, 2017


Very good thinking. So many accidents are preventable.
A Clematis growing up by the front door is safer.

21 Apr, 2017


Lol Paul....

Not many houses here have steps wide enough for a pot in front of railings, but for those that have its very good advice. Thinking of photos of American houses I can see what you mean!

21 Apr, 2017


The trees were put there so you could walk through the woods Paul.

21 Apr, 2017


They get in the way though!

21 Apr, 2017


To be honest I'm always tripping over my pots so would not dare place them on the steps, anyway him indoors would really go off on one if I did, he has a thing about entranceways being clear at all times and steps would come into that category,saying that I always stop and admire them when out and about, I can remember seeing an article about a lady in Cornwall who decorated her steps every year,apparently the elf-n-safety brigade tried to ban her from doing it a few years back, the whole community were up in arms about it, go to Cornwall today and you see brightly decorated steps all over the place, you are right though L'strife as is my hubby but I'm not telling him that on principal, lol, I just keep our steps clear...........

24 Apr, 2017


If people leaving or entering the house can't see the plant pots then it's them that have a problem surely
It's like those stupid " had an accident " claim ads on tv which are ridiculous
A bit of stair maintenance is no big deal if you like pots or ornaments at your door

4 May, 2017


Well if you are over someone else's house and trip over something and fracture a limb or some other injury is it going to be " Oh stupid me" and that's it? Or will you wait till you get the emergency transportation and medical bills to say something else? Better yet if I was walking into a house with those potted plants on the steps I would say "oh so beautfull!" And if walking out of the house I tripped over one of those pots going down the steps I would let you know what a fool you were for doing that and then I would sue you up and down those stairs and around the block for good measure.... to whoever reads this, when I say you I don't mean you personally.

4 May, 2017

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