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I recently purchased at the local GC a packet of Amaranth seeds commonly known as " Love Lies Bleeding ". Being unfamiliar with this plant I did a bit of research on it and as often happens one thing leads to another and…..

This plant led me to the subject and practice of “floriography” ….the language of flowers…. and its use in Victorian times. It was a very popular way in that era to send a coded message to the recipient which allowed the sender to express certain feelings which could not be spoken out loud in the morally restrictive Victorian society. Floral Dictionares were popular books at that time, carried by many and they were used to create and decipher a floral message that could be worn or carried in the form of nosegays. Also, they would have hand tinted picture postcards taken of themselves holding their floral secret message to be sent to their recipient. I find this a fascinating subject to be gotten into further. Also, I am now on the hunt for a original Victorian floral dictionaries and picture postcards which were used by the Vic’s to secretly connect with each other. I personally find this a fascinating cultural practice, though still used today in a somewhat simpler fashion, was practiced with quite some complexity during those times.

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So what is the message of 'Love Lies Bleeding'? I just sowed the seeds into my garden. What massage am I sending unknowingly?

23 Apr, 2017


It's your garden bath. Looks like you sat right down and wrote yourself a letter as the old song goes.

23 Apr, 2017


I assume you know what the flower looks like?

delicacy prevents me from explaining ;o)

the Victorians were very graphic in the naming of some plants and not necessarily the prudes that they are often portrayed. Clitoria ternate is a member of the pea family. Again google images.

I had a booklet from 1905 that explained what different flowers meant but I haven't seen it for years.

It is a fascinating subject.

24 Apr, 2017


Seaburngirl I can't decipher what you are getting at. To me it just looks like red tassels. Let's just leave it there.

24 Apr, 2017


I grew a whole packet a few years back, they looked spectacular around the border and lasted well into the autumn, now I'm also curious so have to research the meaning, as you say L'strife one thing leads to another so could be hooked for a while now, lol....

24 Apr, 2017

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