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Long Days Journey Into Night.........


Of course I enjoy what the suns light brings to my garden…

Such as what I see on this garden bench. But as night falls, my eyes start to strain to see the colors and then fails to see them at all. Even the suns light bounced of the moon fails to to do anything but reveal shapes.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the garden at night does have its qualities such as solitude in the dark which oddly makes ones thoughts all the brighter…but going beyond, probing into the darkness can bring uncertainty and even fear of what lies beyond the short reach of ones eyes at such a time.

A small light in the garden can bring compfort to a dim uncertainty of what lies around me in the night time garden…

I then had the idea of bringing some color to the night garden to give it some visual interest and even some cheerfulness. Solar powered lights have improved greatly over the years and I felt now was the time to try them out.
My first attempt was to outline the garden bench which was the first picture in this blog…

A wonderful result. So now I am on a rampage, attaching to and hanging on these solar powered lights on everything in the garden, from trellises, trees, flowering plants such as clematis to placing a circle of butterflies over a garden fairies head. The garden now is showing as much interest at night as the day though I soon might have this place looking like Disney world at night:)

Here is what the halo of butterflies looks like in the day time…

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you have had fun, and would say well worth the effort lovely.

9 Jun, 2017


Well I do understand your thoughts on that, I have a few Solar Lights but most of them need renewing this year, so many are decoration during the day only now, they all say rechargeable, most of them aren't though, I loved the affect my lights had casting their glow over the features and plants in some places, the shadows across the patio, lighting up the water as it cascaded down the waterfeature , pond and suchlike, however our little pup takes it into her head to bark at things that appear when its dark, haven't managed to convince her that nothing is going to harm her or us, so for now we have the light on the wall to use if and when needed, better that, than have neighbours complaining if the dog is barking when its dark, there are many around where I live, if one starts it sets off a chain around the whole block, you can imagine the sound can't you, lol..
It looks smashing though L'strife, you are also right about the comfort factor from that little glow in the dark...

9 Jun, 2017


Amazing Loosestife - Christmas has come early! How nice to have some interest out there after dark.

9 Jun, 2017


I agree with everyone else. I have a confession too...I am actually afraid of the dark. I have been since childhood, and I've never got over it. Being in total darkness fills me instantly with sheer panic. Perhaps that's why I have done the same as you Loosestrife. I have little solar fairly lights on quite a few of my potted plants and a couple of trees in the helps me here because we have no street lighting and its pitch black after sunset. :) I also think they look really really pretty and give the garden a great atmosphere. I shall be buying more each year like you :)

9 Jun, 2017


The bench is looking very colourful and the lights are looking good.

10 Jun, 2017


Thank you all for your comments. It's true that of all the things that I have planted on or in my garden I really must find something to plant myself on. I am currently eyeing a super sized hand carved wooden toadstool seat and a concrete one in the style of Noseypotter( remember that member? Long time no see) If I get it, I must resist the tremendous urge to place a plant on it:)

10 Jun, 2017


loosestrife! You need more than one place to sit! I have eight seating areas in my the grass! Admittedly I don't use them much, but it makes the garden more inviting and gives it a lovely relaxing vibe!

10 Jun, 2017


..nine counting the hammock!

10 Jun, 2017


Brings to mind Cottagekarer when I bought this house there was a large Persimmon tree in the back of the garden with a hammock, part of it attached to the tree and the other part attached to a post. It was a dead calm day after a heavy rain the previous one. I was in the front of the garden digging something in and when I turned around to face towards the back, I saw nothing but leaves and branches a foot away from the front of my face. The tree had toppled over without a noticible sound behind my back, right over the hammock. Maybe that's why I never placed anything in the garden itself to sit on... I was always ready for the quick getaway :0

10 Jun, 2017


lol...blimey loosestrife...don't think I'd want to sit in your garden with trees sneaking up on me either! You could have been knocked clear out or worse and you'd never have known a thing about it! Phew!

10 Jun, 2017


What a scare that must have been, L'strife.
In my last but one home we had proper spotlights fixed to the flint-stone perimeter wall which backlit the plants, the garden took on a magical look at night.
Here we have the solar lights in strategic places which are great when they work but just as Lincslass has found they seem short lived.
Being in an unlit rural place it is inky black at night so a few lights are needed.

24 Jun, 2017

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