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Utter Disaster!


The yearly monarch butterfly census in California USA is nearing completion and so far there is an 86% drop in the number of monarch butterflies…IN ONE YEAR! In 2017 there were 146,000 and now for 2018 the count is at 20,000 and is expected to end at around 30,000. Just to give some perspective, in the 1980’s the California’s census was averaging 4 million monarch butterflies. To blame they say is a combination of factors ranging from pesticides, to loss of habitat from fires and climate change…etc…but so fast? I just can’t get a handle on what is happening.

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That is devastating news Loosestrife2. I thought they were on the rebound too. I guess not. Now is this number only for the US?

11 Jan, 2019


that is a major concern. I wonder if they migrated early/late so the census isn't really getting a true count. I know some migrate to Mexico and it depends on which side of the Rockies they live as to which direction they migrate in.
They have a very interesting life cycle too.

11 Jan, 2019


This census is only for the state of California and not the whole USA. Historically this state is one of the most heavily regulated ones with regards to the environment and chemicals. By that fact alone, I would have expected to see an upswing in numbers and not this crash dive.

11 Jan, 2019


Baffling and disturbing. Sorry to hear this. :(

11 Jan, 2019

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