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What The Heck???


One early morning last week I was weeding in my garden when I found these items in a patch of yellow loosestrife. After a close examination I realized what it was. Do you know?

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Is it a weather balloon?

25 Aug, 2019


Maybe one of those doorbell security cameras? Or a noisemaker to ward off stray cats?

25 Aug, 2019


Drc726 you are......RIGHT!!! Check the company website for further information if you are interested.

25 Aug, 2019


Good job you weren't standing there when it fell!
Will you try to return it to the owner?

25 Aug, 2019


The company instructs the finder that if there is no return request on the label then the devise can be kept or disposed of by the finder. This was tracked by GPS so they certainly have my location as to the point of landing. The transmitter is not that heavy to put a bump on my head....I think.

25 Aug, 2019


The balloon probably just farted it's way to touchdown too? I'm wondering now if you could use the tech? Might help with an automatic watering system? Tied in with a raspberry pi?

25 Aug, 2019


Well next time in the garden I’ll be sure to have my hearing aids on and then dive to take cover. As far as the tech...rasberry pie? I have a neighbor that never picks up after his dog..I think I’ll tie into that.

25 Aug, 2019

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