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Things are getting serious......


Recently two environment activists who sought to prevent logging in the forests which the Monarch Butterfly uses to overwinter in Mexico have been murdered “Cartel Style”, by that I mean their manner of deaths used to create fear in others. Expect to see their numbers diminish in the future…..both the Monarch’s and their defenders.

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That is so sad on so many levels. Definitely getting serious.

4 Feb, 2020


Terrifying. This sort of thing seems to be on the increase.

4 Feb, 2020


Oh no, very sad all round.

5 Feb, 2020


It's horrific, but like big business's they will protect it any way they can and hang the consequences! Global warming will never be slowed while countries allow the Amazon rain-forest to be cut down at the rate it is for timber or agricultural purposes. Same as Palm oil production, they clear for that - you will never stop the pursuit of the Big Buck. Make the money now, they won't be around when the earth falls apart, but will have the money now. Sad but true.

6 Feb, 2020


So frustrating to hear this but my money is on the Monarch. They are resilient & resourceful creatures - heck they fly from Canada to Mexico. New Monarch Colonies have been discovered in Florida and Southern California.

7 Feb, 2020


Well, that sounds hopeful, Bathgate. It is awful what is happening to the natural world by mankind.

8 Feb, 2020


Horrific, Loosestrife. It’s been on the news here.

8 Feb, 2020

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