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Hosta- My Garden Hamburger Helper......


What a wonderful plant it is! It is low maintenance, independent (it does not like being fussed over) and will make a supreme effort to grow under any conditions where planted. Here are a few images with following comments to show you what I mean….

They can serve as living guardrails to walking paths keeping feet off areas in the garden best not stepped on while adding color and interest. The last photo that you see above this comment shows another use. The bottom of a large concrete planter had fallen out so what I did was to salvage it by placing it over a hosta so as to give the impression that it was growing in the planter.

These several images shown above are in the darkest wooded area of my garden. The shed you see is my art studio and if it weren’t for the hosta it would be very hard to find plantings that would provide interest throughout the growing season. Beyond the fence is a permanently protected wooded area which contains a artesian spring with water bubbling out into a small pond.

The above here shows that hosta can be used as a filler to place a low maintenance dependable area of interest. The last image shows a hosta I planted in the hottest brightest area in the garden so this plant is not only a shade plant.

The top photo in the above section of three shows another use of hosta as a plant support. I have a yellow loosestrife that constantly got blown down in rainstorms so I planted a few hosta in front of it as support.

If you are wondering why these plants don’t look like green Swiss cheese with holes eaten out by slugs the answer is in the above photo. It is a picture of my frog pond. My army of green frogs patrol and keep my garden clean of these pests. This way I can have my beer instead of using it for slug traps:) What follows are a few extra photos

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WOW!!!!! What a magnificent collection of hosta plants, Loosestrife! You’ve a diverse variety there, some of them are wonderfully big too! You’re so lucky to have your frog friends to munch on those pesky nibblers! I haven’t a frog I sight despite having had a pond for years and years! You lucky fellow! I do love to listen to frogs and toads on a summers evening…
Thanks for sharing your fab collection!

16 Jun, 2022


I love Hostas, they look fabulous.

17 Jun, 2022


L'strife I'm going green with envy, my frogs are hiding due to lack of moisture, consequently my hostas are suffering more this year, yours all look so lush as well, i also have footpath envy, mine like myself are fraying around the edges, lol....Lovely blog and photo's..x

17 Jun, 2022


What a great collection of Hostas & as you say, not a nibble in sight. Nice blog, Thank you.

17 Jun, 2022


I was indeed wondering where the holes were! If frogs are the answer I give up. we have newts but no frogs and the toads we did have are no more,sadly. Your garden is so interesting, it would be lovely to wander round and enjoy it properly!

17 Jun, 2022


Thank You All! I dug in my ponds about 15 yrs ago and within two years they were inhabited with green frogs (Rana clemitans) exclusively up to this date. They came from the pond created by the artesian spring in the woods behind my fence. In mating season the males have wrestling matches in the water puffing themselves up with air for buoyancy the winner being the one to keep his opponent under water. Their mating colors are a having a bright yellow throat. Aside from the usual grunt they make a sound similar to the plucking strings of a banjo. They are loud but I was lucky never to have bullfrogs on the property whose call can be heard 1/2 mile and whose voracious appetite would consume everything in sight including birds and small mammals. If you check my photos section there is a picture(June 19, 2019) of a conga line of alternating male and female frogs mating. Had I not had that pond and wooded area out back my frog population would have been sparse indeed.

17 Jun, 2022


A wonderful collection of very beautiful hostas protected by your frogs. It is definitely a good arrangement you have with them!!
Thank you for this very interesting blog.

18 Jun, 2022

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