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I keep on telling my grandkids that the side of my house is not to be used as a backboard for their ball games since the end result is putting cracks in the siding. Well I noticed this morning that one of the cracks has turned into a hole. The newly formed hole and its culprit, a carpenter bee can be seen in the following images…..

A good shot of insecticide followed up by injecting a sealant will take care of that.
While the weather was cool, I took advantage of it by laying down stone upon a garden path which was red mulch. Doing it a little each day made for not much stress or strain on my part. I love hardscaping but at my age I have to be careful and not heroic…….

Of course my friends Emma and Charlie cheered me on in their own way…..

My Bluebirds got the jump on me when it comes to early spring garden chores….

My pond nursery…

And adult fish ponds…

We’re all cleaned out again by mink which chewed holes in the screening I placed over them. Lost about 80 fish and the frogs and snails are gone too.
It’s warming up now so I am setting up my water features and statuary….

My Hyssop and Cardinal flower vine are beginning to sprout after an unusually cold an wet spring…

Now that it has warmed up to 80F and very little precipitation in the forecast I intend to be full time in the garden to get things together and to limber up my old stiff self:)

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I have just looked in on goy for the first time since losing my lovely husband Rick and your blog just made me smile Loostrife, especially the"man" in the tub!
Thank you for putting a smile on my face!

12 May, 2023


What a great job you have made of the path, Loosestrife. It doesn't look to me like you need much limbering up! I enjoyed looking at your outside space with all its interesting inhabitants, animate and inanimate, and I'm glad to see your dogs are showing you how the job should be done - no pressure!

12 May, 2023


a lovely pretty garden with lots of colourful ideas

13 May, 2023


Rose, it does my heart good to hear that I, in some way, have lightened your heavy load a bit.
Thank you very much for your comments Ange2 and Paulmaria. I like to create quite a few focal points ( visual speed bumps) in the garden so the eye slows down and takes it in a little bit or section at a time instead of making a broad quick sweep of things and off you go.... which does no justice to the work I put into it.

14 May, 2023


same here Loosestrife , I have a small garden and do little quirky things , makes it very interesting . Very creative ideas you've done

15 May, 2023


An unusual creative garden so much to admire.

18 May, 2023

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