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It has been for the last few weeks Hazy-Hot-Humid with the daytime temps around the 90 F mark. It has been an uncomfortable effort to keep the garden hydrated and weeded. Finally two lines of strong thunderstorms passed through with heavy winds and rain. Luckily, there were no downbursts of wind to flatten my garden. Between thunderstorms I was able to get out and take a few photos of my freshened up garden. This year I decided to plant potted geraniums, begonias, petunias, impatiens and dahlias. The arrangement I created helped me to reminisce of my times in Italy and Spain though a caged canary singing his heart out would have been the icing on the cake. After a heavy Japanese Beetle attack last year which chopped my garden to shreds I decided to go heavy on the geraniums since they contain a chemical that paralyzes this pest-so far so good. What you will see in the first images is a legal cultivar of loosestrife in a very good bloom. The path with pavers has shade plants such as Hosta, ornamental grasses and a yellow loosestrife on the left and sun plants on the right. At the end of the photo series note the wheelbarrow full of weeds. My Zen Garden is holding it’s own with the exception of my fish shaped stone which the heavy wind from the storm toppled over.

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the rain does freshen everything up doesn't it. Glad there was no wind damage. The garden is looking very colourful loosestrife.

8 Jul, 2023


We have had a little rain too, and very welcome it was, but the ground still looks dry. Still it will have to take its chance as i can't do much watering any more. Geraniums were a happy choice this year as they don't seem to mind how dry they get! Your garden always looks so bright and cared for!

8 Jul, 2023


Thanks to the both of you! I forgot to mention that I had a patch of Monarda aka Beebalm for fifteen years. Last year it had the heaviest bloom with plant stalks reaching almost 6ft high. They always attracted Hummers. This year nothing, they are all gone and I don’t know why. As the saying goes..the candle burns it’s brightest before it goes out.

8 Jul, 2023


I love your garden Loosestrife it is so colourful , it looks beautiful and you have given me a lot of ideas, hope you don't mind ?

9 Jul, 2023


Of course I don’t mind Callie. Exchanges of creativity, ideas and gardening methods are some of the foundations of GOY:)

9 Jul, 2023


I do love your garden Loosestrife! It's so quirky and so much to take in that I had to look at it again!
I am pleased the garden wasn't damaged by the heat.
It shows how much you love your garden!

11 Jul, 2023


The Klahanie and Rose thank you for your comments. The year round garden maintenance is also my way of purposeful exercising and keeping as limber as I addition to walking my pups Charlie and Emma. I cannot tolerate exercising by walking at whatever speed and letting nature go by in a mindless blur while conversing on an I phone as so many do these days.

11 Jul, 2023


Sorry I missed this blog of your, Loosestrife. Your garden looks so alive, such a prolific realm of colour too. I'm envious of your Monarda! I planted one last year, it has disappeared! I do think it was timing, possibly. I planted it a few weeks prior to the heatwave last time to settle in and probably needed a tankful of water.
Good to hear you enjoy the exercise your garden lends as well as walking your two little pups! It's all very therapeutic one way or another. It must be a task and a half in the heat and humidity, keeping on top of your beautiful blooms! Looks great, job well done there.
Keep safe over there in the heat and sunshine!

5 Aug, 2023


Thank you for your comments Kate...yes Monarda do best when the soil is kept constantly moist. At the present time the gunners are enjoying the flower stalks of my lobelia cardenalis which also need moist soil conditions.

7 Aug, 2023

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