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Spring 2012...


The snowfall this winter has been sporadic…interspersed with rain and sleet, the precip. has been less than usual…until March that is! First of March we had 6 to 8 inches of snow…and it’s been snowing ever since.
As this was our first full winter season in the new place we miscalculated our fuel consumption and had to rely on the wood burning stove/fireplace in the livingroom for our heat over a three day period. It was extended because we ran the tank so dry that it sucked up air and detritis from the tank bottom which meant that when we were topped up with fuel, the ignition wouldn’t work because the feed was clogged. That has been my latest lesson…learning the routine of bleeding fuel lines! I’m still feeling the glow of accomplishment …it saved us some $$$.
The pond fish have adjusted to the indoor tank, it was a bit of a trick keeping the budgies and gecko warm and Clover developed a preference for the hearth rug over those days. All things considered we all weathered it pretty well…even the newest member of the family…Rufus! Rufus was born on Jan. 7th..and he’s a ball of concentrated energy! (Wakes me in the middle of the night for warm milk and playtime!)

This is Kitty TV…. the fish love an audience and Rufus sits enthralled for five or ten minutes at a time, which is a very long time for him to sit in any one place!

Both of us are happily playing parent to this little critter.
He found hubby’s briefcase to be a comfortable viewpoint!

Most of the feeding station population has been bluejays…strangely enough we`ve had NO SPARROWS…and I`m not thrilled. I miss them. We watched them with interest at the other house…they kept the big birdhouse full and lively…but none here! Flocks of snowbuntings on the roads enjoying the sand have not learned to fear automobiles and we`ve nearly taken out a whole flock of them as they do not move when a car approaches. Our squirrel population has remained high…we have four red squirrels and a black squirrel and gray squirrel. They love the sunflower seed and even consume the suet we bought for the birds. More chickadees this year than last…. love their cheery ``dee-dee-dee….``
Early in the winter I started the cleanup along the pathway up the big hill…. snow keeps me out of there now as it`s become deep enough to go over my boot tops in spots. There will be a supply of kindling for fires for the next decade, at least. It`s nice to see the tidiness and it makes movement that much easier and safer. I expect that there will be plenty of deadfall from the winter freeze and thaw and high winds which are usual in March. Will take the chainsaw up the hill to cut up the large hemlock that fell across the path last spring. Part of my work was clearing the area so that it can be worked safely. On the way to the house, by the pathway at the back, I noticed an area that has become a tangled mess…so that`s the next area of concentration. I`ve spent most of this winter indoors, and getting some exercise would be good. Getting a little antsy just thinking about it.
Have decided that I won`t tap the maple trees this spring. Many of my neighbours have syrup for sale..and it`s more reasonable than doing all that work and using all the energy when I can as easily buy it from someone whose operation is much larger and more economical than mine!

My title for this blog is optimistic…on purpose…spring has to come…so I`m getting a good headstart on plans …forgot the greenhouse. Argghh… need a body transplant or a clone!
Outdoors the snow is still deep, but somehow spring will find it`s way, and the green will once again supplant the white. Anticipation….

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So much snow! Rufus is lovely.
Sounds as if you are going to be really busy! It's so different from here, a hemlock here is a wayside plant, one stem up to five foot tall but at most a finger width wide!

3 Mar, 2012


glad to hear you got through the winter ok,Lori..with your new found knowledge of sorting the fuel lines.:o).Rufus is lovely,and a nice pic of you together....How strange that those birds don't move off the roads..such a shame..Great wildlife you have there..

3 Mar, 2012


Good to read your winter stories, Lori, and nice to have you back on here. Love Rufus - kittens are a complete joy to have around - all that energy and cute factor to keep you entertained while the snow is still falling.

We have been unusually lucky here in the Highlands this winter, ( fingers crossed ) so I have started the spring clear up and the spring flowers are all showing. As far as I can tell, I haven't lost any plants to frost, snow or wind this year. What a bonus.

It shoudn't be too long before it all starts over with you, too. Here's hoping....... Meanwhile, keep safe and warm and cuddle Rufus.

3 Mar, 2012


Nice to read your winter experience,messy smelly job fuel lines,still plenty of spring flowers on Goy to look at till yours arrive.

3 Mar, 2012


Your blogs are always so interesting Lori, enjoyed reading of your adventures and the new pet is adorable. Take care,

3 Mar, 2012


Your blog made me smile Lori! Love the last photo! :)))) Your new kitten is very, very cute and adorable. However, if we get your snow in 10 days time, I shall be seriously peeved! :S We've had a good winter this year on the east coast of Angus.....a lot of heavy frosts during December and January, but no snow at all....:)))..and so far I haven't lost any plants this winter, which is great after last year. The weather is turning for the worse here as well at the moment, but that's nothing unusual for March, it can often be the coldest month of all, which is hard to take after a long, dark, miserable winter, and just as the flowers are starting to emerge from under the mulch. Still, spring is inevitable now.....the sun is higher in the sky, the birds are singing strong and determinedly, and the sap is rising! :))) Happy Spring Lori! :)

3 Mar, 2012


Lovely blog Lori. Keep safe and warm!

3 Mar, 2012


LOL...Check out Tsuga canadensis on google,'s a mite larger than the herb!
Thanks for the springlike wishes everyone! Today the weather is distinctly March. Confused. early this a.m. the icicles were forming ...all was adrip with moisture, now the snow is coming in at a 45 degree angle, stinging little bits of ice-rain on a 60 km. wind! the sun will be shining by afternoon, and by evening we'll be back to snow again! As you said, Karen, March is often cold and snowy...and just when we so desperately need some sun and optimism!
Happy to hear that the Highlands have had a mild winter, Ojib.... Hope our terrible weather doesn't make it's way across the North Atlantic to you, Karen and David. From what I've seen on here even Italy, Spain and France have had their share of the white stuff! If this isn't radical climate change, I don't know what could be!

3 Mar, 2012


Tsuga (Hemlock tree) are conifers Sticki, meaning there are two entirely unrelated Hemlocks. I made the same mistake a couple of years ago lol so easy to do. There are lot's of nice dwarf Tsugas, I have two. But none of the plant ;)

3 Mar, 2012


like the film 'twins' ~ ie not alike at all!!??

3 Mar, 2012


Hiya Lori, good to see you and hear of your winter experiences, Rufus is a lovely bundle of fur, looks very content watching the fish.
Made me feel cold thinking of the snow above your boots, lots of signs of spring here, won`t be long coming to you I hope then you can really enjoy yourself with your new plans.
Take care and thankyou for a very enjoyable read and lovely pic of Rufus..

3 Mar, 2012


catching up Lori, im so behind with alot of b logs, nice to read up on what your doing, fish are ok and rufus is cute, snow makes me feel cold to look at it.
bet you cant wait to get going with the greenhouse and new plants, :o))

7 Apr, 2012

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