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Winter 2012/13...and the spring flood, Part II


Today has been the warmest day so far! Clouds and rain but temps in the high teens… What remains of the snow is quickly melting and the stream has yet to crest. I hope the water doesn’t go any higher or we may be marooned! It could take out the two culverts which which would see us cut off from the road!

Rufus investigates some snow….and races across the lawn and up trees! He is so happy to be outdoors again.

Yesterday, while I was raking up the dead grasses and leaves, Rufus took a run at the very dangerous, swollen creek and jumped clear across in it one bound! My heart was in my mouth as the water is very cold and the current is very fast! What a dare devil! The stream meanders and I saw the opportunity to create an island in the stream by digging a third tributary to connect with the others where I plan to make the dam that will help contain the water for the duck pond.

Have been checking out the perennials and I’m happy to report that so far it looks like everything made it! a very healthy looking lychnis, hens and chicks, and an agave (which is getting a little more moisture than it would like)’s so good to see them flourishing.

Was especially glad to see the little heucherella.

Hope that the trilliums have survived the pig invasion. I have a terrible feeling that the ferns, mushrooms, and trilliums that grow on the hill have been badly disturbed if not eaten into extinction. There is still snow in the bush…but as I look out on a rainy afternoon the snow is giving off mist as it melts!

I continue to rake, dig and plant. The weather is due to return to cooler temps according to Environment Canada. Soooo frustrating. It is supposed to be sunny but daytime highs are to be back in the single digits C. Relative to March temps that is warm (er) BUT
I WANT SOME SPRINGAND I WANT IT NOW! ahem…sorry. Next blog…a happier tone..hopefully.

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I feel for you lori you've had such a long winter heres hoping you will soon have some warm spring days ,I'm glad you haven't been flooded out ,that stream in the top pic. is that the same one you spend so many hours digging out last year ? I'm amazed that Heucherella survived even ours took a good battering and your winter weather has lasted longer than ours .. I feel sure the trilliums etc will spring back as nature intended once they get some warm sunshine ...

20 Apr, 2013


Poor you Lori never ending winter but glad the snow is almost gone.
Rufus is brave and my heart would jump to if casper did that, bet rusuf is so glad to venture out again though and feeling a bit daredevilish haha
wish you warmer weather soon Lori, take care :o) x

20 Apr, 2013


Thanks Sandra...but true to type..good old April threw us another curve today. I has been cold, windy and snowy! X-(
Yes Amy...the very same. all that digging is very good exercise. The d...m pigs eat the roots of the trilliums and it takes them 7 years to recoup. It's so cold that there are still pockets of snow in the bush. I'm trying very hard to be patient. It's sooo difficult!

21 Apr, 2013


So you and your garden have come out of hibernation more or less intact??? Even the agave and the heuchera!!
You must be roaring to get going and see some life and colours in your garden again after such a long winter. Don't you find the first garden smells intoxicating after the big freeze, something that used to hit me, simple things like grass in the sun which smells ever so strong in the first sunshine.
We bought the house on the edge of the yorkshire moors, which I found on the internet when still in france. Hope to move in end of may. Much much smaller garden, but a challenge in a different way from my old one, one I cannt wait to begin. Just looking at people's gardens on goy will have to do meanwhile..
I will be following your garden progress with much interest this year, you now have a much better idea what you can realistically tackle and survive lol..

27 Apr, 2013


So glad to have you back among us, M. I'm excited about you're new garden. Can't wait for the pics. Now you will have to garden in the cool, windy and wet...instead of the hot, windy and dry!
It's been a lot of work..and I'm no spring chicken, but I think I can see some progress! We shall have to
soldier on in your garden...I in mine and expect only the best. We are gardeners...hear us roar! lol,

4 May, 2013

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