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Such A Beautiful Morning In The Jungle.


By louise1


The skies are the clearest blue, the sun’s shining brightly and it’s a mild (!!!) 6 degrees, you could be forgiven for thinking it was a spring day out there !

A couple of months ago i wrote a blog that mentioned ‘The Jungle’ opposite my house so …. here are some pictures of the fairly large area of land that’s opposite my house. It’s a private area amongst the houses that the homeowners pay to keep maintained nicely and it’s a perfect and quiet area.

It’s on the other side of my garden path and the immediate part i call ‘the jungle’ on account of the large shrubs covering a lot of that area.
Millie and Maddie love to go over there and play … or just sit and watch the world go by, un-noticed !

This is the end of my front garden, the path leads to the neighbouring 2 houses, the steps lead to the cul-de-sac.

I hang these feeders and watch the Greenfinches, Chaffinches, Blackcaps, Great and Coal Tits, Robins, Blackbirds and Thrushes.

As these photos were being taken a ‘flock’ of Blackbirds flew across infront of me and a minute or so later ‘this’ perched in the neighbours garden !

A few minutes later the small birds were back feeding.
This was the first time i’d seen a Sparrowhawk in this area.
(These photos were taken last weekend and through a closed window, hence the blurry-ness)

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It must be nice to have a jungle right by your house :o))
I'm glad you have a sunny mild day.

26 Dec, 2009


It is quite nice Hywel, the girls like it too :-))

26 Dec, 2009


Lovely Louise still freezing here - if we are 'lucky' it might creep up to 0 around noon. Then Mr MB & I will go for a walk before the temperature drops again. It may be seasonal and festive but I'd love for the snow and ice to go now... we've had for over a week - that is long enough!

26 Dec, 2009


Yes, too much, too long !

I hope you enjoy your walk :-)

26 Dec, 2009


Pretty photos, Louise.
Happy Boxing Day... :o)

26 Dec, 2009


Thank you TT :-))
Happy Boxing Day to all of you too :-)

26 Dec, 2009


Happy Boxing day Louise, loved the walk. I love watching the sparrow hawks out in the open, not when they come in the garden the little birds vanish for days when he's been :0))))

26 Dec, 2009


Lovely Louise...I hadn't realised how close the "Jungle" was to your makes the area quite private doesn't it, and thats nice :-))). Its a bit warmer here today....the temp just hovering around freezing....had a nice walk with OH down to the paper shop for a bit of fresh air......

26 Dec, 2009


I didn't see your original blog Louise. What a lovely area to have outside your house! The weather here is bright as well but maybe not quite so mild. Christmas Day was a beautiful bright but cold day here as well!

26 Dec, 2009


Lovely photos and blog . Happy boxing day aswell.

26 Dec, 2009


Temperature never went above freezing so we never did have our walk... as we both have 'orrible chesty coughs.

26 Dec, 2009


Thank you Stripes, Alice, Paul and Clarice, i think i'm lucky to have it there :-)

MG, sorry you're both suffering - those types of cough are very nasty indeed, i hope you shake them off quickly now.

26 Dec, 2009


Nice photos Louise1,did the sparrow hawk catch any thing or did they all escape?

26 Dec, 2009


Mavis, he didn't catch a thing - just observed, flew off and the birds all came back within minutes :-))
I hope not to see it again :-/
I know it has to eat .... but not in my garden ;-)

There are 2 large parks and some woods in very, very close proximity to here so it'll be well fed :-))

26 Dec, 2009


I love the new picture Louise a breath of summer amongst all this snow and ice.Also pleased he did not catch his meal in your garden.

27 Dec, 2009


I was all set to go outside and start flapping around, to scare him off ;-)

Glad you like the new avatar :-)))
It lets me think i'm on an exotic beach somewhere, instead of this windy and wet place :-/

27 Dec, 2009


I've never seen a sparrow hawk, I'm glad to say. I know they have to eat to live, but I'd hate to see it happen.

27 Dec, 2009


Great photos Louise.We have a sparrowhawk which regularly patrols our area.They are so quick,cannot do anything about it.Natures way.....

27 Dec, 2009


I noticed your bird feeders Louise. I´ve just bought one. As there were lots of blue tits and warblers in our nearest big tree I hung it there and haven´t seen a bird near the tree since. I put sunflower seeds and monkey nuts in it, even threw some on the floor beneath the feeder but it´s no go. Any ideas why? Hope you had a great Xmas and have a good New Year - despite the resolutions

28 Dec, 2009


Isn't that queer Gwen ?
I put seed feeders out mostly, with sunflower seeds in, these seem to attract the Finches and Tits alike.
I wonder if birds get scared by new things hanging in their tree, or am i wrongly applying human logic to birds ? ;-)

28 Dec, 2009


Gwen it is possible that the birds can get plenty of 'wild' food and therefore don't need your nuts and seeds. We notice when the weather is mild our feeders hardly get touched. Currently we are filling up the 4 feeders and ground feeding for the birds that can't use them.

Warblers eat insect and berries but not nuts or sunflower seeds. Blue tits also prefer insects and berries though they will eat oily seeds i.e. sun flower if push comes to shove.

I'd leave the feeders up for now and see if your birds come back, otherwise move them to a different location.

28 Dec, 2009


Looks like a wildlife sanctuary....very nice Louise1 :-)

28 Dec, 2009


Thanks Louis :-)

There have been lots of birds out there today.
The usual Chaffinches, Greenfinches, Great Tits, Coal Tits and some Blue Tits have arrived, Black Caps and a plump, drab brown speckled bird .... not sure what she is, couldn't identify her !
The bully Robin's not been around and i think it's because i moved his feeder to the back garden ..... he's been out there !

28 Dec, 2009

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