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A new Hydrangea


Hi, I really wanted a white hydrangea, so off we went to a well known nursery where they didn’t have any white and the pink half dead ones were costing £24.99 each, (no-way would I pay that) on our way home we saw white hydrangeas in one of the famous German supermarkets for £4.99. whopp whopp I thought, looked really healthy so we bought one. 2 weeks later its not looking too healthy, so decided to plant it now rather than a little later only to find………it had got no roots on it.
Moral of my story, you get what you pay for lol, still we planted it, you never know !! x

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Take it back!
But first of all check for vine weevil

23 Aug, 2016


How on earth had it survived enough to look good in the shop? definitely take if back.

23 Aug, 2016


Hi, I wish I had he front to take it back. If it has vine weevil, is there anything I can do with ? x

24 Aug, 2016


Both Lidl and Aldi will exchange, or refund, without quibble. No problem!

We bought small poinsettias at Christmas from Lidl and these are big, colourful plants now. Other Half isn't keen on them but I love them.

I like Dianthus plants also and we bought quite a lot from a garden centre. They've made a nice show but the ones daughter bought from Lidl's knocks spots off them.

Best to buy plants the day they arrive and complain when a plant doesn't have a root!!! :O)

24 Aug, 2016


Loupylou you really must take it back. Apart from anything else the shop needs to know if they have been supplied with faulty goods. Its not the fault of the local shop.

24 Aug, 2016


Good afternoon all,
I took your advice and took the plant back to the shop and they did not hesitate in giving me a refund, they even gave me a bunch of cut flowers as an apology , which was very unexpected. x

25 Aug, 2016


Oh so pleased that you did .......restores your faith doesn't it
Flowers too ?

26 Aug, 2016


I'm sorry about your plant, however I must say I've had very good plants from Lidl, especially succulents :)
I would have taken it back and complained.

26 Aug, 2016


Oh, I'm so glad you took it back. Similar happened to me last year with a houseplant. I think someone had picked up some broken bits and stuck it in an empty pot! There was one rooted bit on mine though, so I kept it and it's now growing well. But no roots at all? That's dreadful. I'm glad it all worked out ok. Hope you find a good white Hydrangea soon. Be careful as a lot of the new white ones mature to pink or even red. I have one called Wedding'd think that would be pure white...but it fades to deep wine red, which I love, but it was a big surprise! Oh, and also, a lot of the hydrangeas sold in Supermarkets are not hardy for outdoors in the UK, so probably better go to a Garden Centre. B&Q are good for this kind of thing as well...and good prices.

18 Jul, 2020

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