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I have been trying to create a garden for 7 years!!! When we moved in our garden, which is 120' long 30' wide, was mostly grass. One side was taken up with leylandi trees, the other a random mixture of wire fences, cobbled together fences, asbestos and falling apart fencing panels! There was a dog shed on concrete slap bang in the middle and another made up of an old door and random materials 20' away from the back door. The first year was my first enjoyable experience of 'growing' veg :-) I grew potatoes, carrots, beetroot, onions, strawberries and tomatoes. My two boys also had a little patch and grew radishes, potatoes and nasturtions. The following year, I was pregnant and didn't do much except move my strawberry plants into a better area! I then had a few years struggling to garden and juggle family life but we did a little bit here and there including knocking down the two sheds, putting down grass seed where the middle dog shed was chopping down all of the leylandi and beggining to create borders and shape to the garden. So as I planted a few plants this evening I thought I really want to start writing a goes!!

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  • One day this 'mushroom' caught my eye
  • I was so chuffed with the success of the grass seed!
  • Sunflower seeds 2009
  • Knocking down a dog shed!

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