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A few better pics


By lulu33


Yesterday, at last the sun shone, Hurrah!
So I took a few photos, better ones, of the mosaics.
This first one is called hope, I have it up on the stairwell, and in dark light the coloures really shine out.

This is Big Red!!

And this is one of 3 mirror birds, called Swanlake.

Pale reflection (again!) sorry, didn’t know how to take it off!!
And Tree of Hearts.
These two swans I made three years ago, it’s very colourful in the right light. Funny how these mosaics do not need direct light to make the most of them.

Sun and Moon Tree. Suntree does like sunlight to show off it’s colours and Moontree likes indirect light to show off the dark petrol background. I am quite fond of Moontree!

And here is my first and possible only nude! Inspired by the Jeraboam bottle bases dug up in a friends garden!!

And vase of flowers with fab foilbacked glass which makes the flowers shine!

This next pic is my box of tricks!! Enamel butterflies, paste jewels etc, mostly from charity shops but mor recently at more expense, from jewellry stalls.

This is going to be my next project, I just love the flower, it was a broach from the 60’s and there is a large enamel butterfly too!

Here is my hubby’s fox, he bought it when we first met, bless him, it helped to pay my rent!!

3 Butterflies, the blues shine out of this one too!

And my new design for empty marmite pots, labels off so I won’t get into trouble from Unilever! I have used the foil backed glass a bit at the bottom and Jeraboam glass which was difficult to grout because it is so thick and sharp!

These flowers are made out of broken windscreen glass and took ages to make! I did make one other bigger piece, just followed the grain of the wood in windsreen glass and thicker bits of reinforced glass, took many hours of many days to do and I ended up giving it away as a wedding gift!

And here is my little Bee, a bit of a folly and she is guarding my studio entrace at the moment!

This is a better photo of my newest piece, hope you get the gist! Am filling in the background with hand cut small squares of cream glass, that way I can loose the grout a bit.

Dancing seahorses

And finally my Stream, I shall have to wait and see how this one works out!!

Phew, photos take ages to download!! I had better get cracking before the garden takes over in the spring though as I do run out of time and my poor hands……digging, weeding and cutting glass, takes it’s toll a bit but it’s all so enjoyable!!

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these are beautiful lulu . wish i had your talent. i may have a little try to see how i do !

10 Jan, 2011


you are so clever lulu
there are so many lovely ideas, beautiful colours and textures, i just love the way the light plays on the colours.
its hard choosing a favourite but these are some:
the bee ~ would make amazing highlight in a patio
the wedding present ~ so subtle and so delicate
3 butterflies ~ love the colour
those mirror birds
i love that foil backed glass

i think you should be on kirstie's christmas gifts next year ~ its just what she would like

10 Jan, 2011


That foil backed glass is a new one to me, I just love it and I could get very creative when I go back some more. Funnily enough I saw it for sale in sheets but gave it a miss because it was double the price of lesser interesting glass. I found it when I bought a box of glass offcuts and there were enough pieces to make about three mosaics. Plan to go buy some with a Christmas cheque David gave me to spend at Creative Glass in Bristol!

10 Jan, 2011


Thanks Sticki, I am always interested in what folk like best!

10 Jan, 2011


Fascinating Lulu. I love the "wedding present" one too, it's so subtle. I was wondering where the multicoloured glass comes from . . . is that really foil-backed? and how come there are so many colours (e.g. in the Marmite one)??

10 Jan, 2011


Yes, Sheilabub, it is foil backed and probably fused to the glass, it has an amazing effect. The marmite one has some foiled glass at the botom and the reason for the colour effect in the glass around the jars is that the age of the glass from the jeraboams, has changed the glass somewhat. It has a petrol sheen to it like you get in vintage glass found in the earth when gardening. It also has a vermiculite type covering on some parts of the bottles. Have to make sure I removing it before sticking as it comes off easily!

10 Jan, 2011


Now i can really see what they look like,Brilliant.
You say they take a long time to down load,you are reducing the image size before you do it,3 pics normally take about a minute at 500 pixels

10 Jan, 2011


Not sure how to change their size, tried last night for the website and used one of their editors. Could try downloading Picassa again but I find I have to delete from the hard drive, deleting in Picassa not enough. When my computer crashed last year the computer doc saved 15 gigabytes of photos, I had 9,000 (mostly dogs, my garden and mosaics, in that order!)

10 Jan, 2011


if you right click on a photo you should get a pop up menu with a choice to edit
if you go into that edit program your picture will come up then at the top there is a drop down menu under 'image' then you choose 'resize' which enables you to make the picture with less pixels ~ i just save it then with a new name ~ your computer may have a different program but you can try looking for the same edit facilities??

10 Jan, 2011


Will give it a go Sticki, thank you, would save an hour or two downloading!!

10 Jan, 2011


Such a fantastic blog, Lulu! I not only liked it but even put it into my Favourites! :-))

What great talent you have for making up those mosaics from pieces of coloured glass! I'm not the least surprised your boyfriend bought that one of the Fox! It's really magnificent! I wouldn't have hesitated a moment in buying it for myself!

I love them ALL!!! :-))

10 Jan, 2011


WOW! Lulu they are all fantastic, If I had to pick a favorite, it has to be the one that paid the rent. No wonder he married you. :o))))

10 Jan, 2011


I am speechless Lulu, your work is amazing, I love them all especially the butterflies and the bee.

10 Jan, 2011


Thank you all so much. I don't usually show my work as I am a bit shy about it.
Spent so long on blog this morning and then cooking home made soup and made huge chicken pie, walking dogs etc etc.... didn't have time to finish my two currant mosaics!!!!! never mind tomorrow is another day. But my gawd it's rainy here, will have to hole myself up in the studio and keep dry and warm.

10 Jan, 2011


raining here too and i need it to be dry tomorrow
you should have a rest tomorrow lulu ~ youve worked hard today!
soup and pie sound very good

10 Jan, 2011


Thay're very nice. There are some I like very much. It's evident you really enjoy making them. Keep it up. It's great to be artistic :o)

11 Jan, 2011


Thanks Valadel, it's not often I render someone speechless Lol! And thanks Hywel, yes I do enjoy making them, I think the push I got from having to make them for the exhibition helped. I feel a need to keep going so I can have a large body of work, so that in the summer, if another chance for a show comes along, there's no need to panic and have to neglect the gardening work!
So Sticki, it's definately back in the studio today!
Made enough chicken pie to last the week, and soup!!

11 Jan, 2011


thats a good plan lulu
why dont you ask if you can exhibit at at GC or garden show ~ they are all related to gardens and would look lovely in them ~ i think they would sell well there!
i have sold photos of bluebells at a GC ~ people who like outdoors go to them to buy presents ~ all the best with your art you are very talented

11 Jan, 2011


Might just do that StickiT :0)

11 Jan, 2011


good for you ~ would be interested to hear how you get on. best of luck.

11 Jan, 2011


I do stained glass as a hobby, your works have inspired me. They are superb.

12 Jan, 2011


Thanks Bampy, I just use grout instead of lead!

12 Jan, 2011


I love the 'hope' one and the 'poppy', beautiful colours Lulu, you clever lass, are you going to have another exhibition with these?

12 Jan, 2011


I don't know GMage, just finished another and one more tomorrow. Have a big bodyof work, would like to exhibit in a garden center maybe? Did you have a good time away?

12 Jan, 2011


I go to my daughters every week to look after our grandson, I have just had my break, for the school hols as my daughter teaches for two days, so I am always away at the beginning of each week, it keeps me on my toes!! I love my grandson though, he is 3 and very entertaining. good idea to exhibit at a GC, you will have to investigate, most of them now sell goods etc. I know ours sells things made by locals.

12 Jan, 2011


You lost me ther GM, which one is the poppy??!!

12 Jan, 2011


Sorry, just noticed you have called it 'tree of hearts' !!!! At first glance I thought it was an oriental poppy! Lol

12 Jan, 2011


LOL you got me going there, I wondered what I missed!!

12 Jan, 2011


Thought of you today, Lulu. I was in Ely, and went up loads of steps to the top of the cathedral because there is a museum of stained glass there . . . fabulous, and saw a video of how it was made!

26 Jan, 2011


i like ely ~ my son lived there for a while, cromwells house is interesting too
what did you think to the madonna in the lady chapel sheila?

26 Jan, 2011


where is Ely? would love to see

26 Jan, 2011


Ely is a few miles from Cambridge Lulu. I go to see an old friend from the bookshop in a nearby village once a month for a Shiatsu session (supposed to help my low energy), and sometimes stop in Ely before coming home. Today I was just headed for the stained glass museum, and was too tired for anything else. But next time Sticki I'll head for the lady chapel . . .

26 Jan, 2011


I could do with some shiatsu today been awake since 4am!

27 Jan, 2011


Why, Lulu? Something on your mind? My daughter swears by reflexology, it helped her relax, sleep and de-stress. (now she is expecting number two!!!!!)

27 Jan, 2011


Your photos really show your mosaics off to perfection. I think my favourite is also the one you gave as a wedding gift....but I like all of them

Good luck with your enquiries at the garden centres...I hope they recognize your talent and will agree a great deal with you to promote and sell your mosaics, Lulu.

1 Mar, 2011


Fabulous Lu, really wanted to have small one, But that is only a dream, LOL!!!!

4 Feb, 2013


Lol GM....all safe and delivered now!
Whistonlass...where are you?
Thank you Junna for your compliments.

5 Feb, 2013

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